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Linus Tech Tips YouTube Hacked: Sebastian Twitter & Reddit Links

On March 24th, 2023, a shocking news spread through the internet as one of the most popular YouTube channels, Linus Tech Tips, was hacked. With over 15 million subscribers, Linus Sebastian, the founder of the channel, has achieved huge success in his career.

The channel is popular for videos related to cryptocurrency scams, and the hacking of the channel has left people worldwide in shock.

What Happened to Linus Tech Tips YouTube Channel?

After the news of the hacking came into the limelight, people took to social media platforms, including Reddit and Twitter, to make others aware of the incident.

The hackers started posting old private videos and making them public. It led to confusion among the viewers who were unable to determine the authenticity of the videos.

Linus Tech Tips Hacked Reddit News

On Reddit, people discussed the hacking incident in huge numbers. The channel was hacked, and people discovered that private videos were posted publicly, which was suspicious. The employees of the channel are working hard to restore it so that people can access the authentic content.

Linus Tech Tips Twitter

People also took to Twitter to react to the news. Linus Sebastian posted about the incident on his Twitter handle to prevent any misinformation or false accusations.

The account was suspended, and the employees are working on restoring it. Additionally, other channels related to the same line were breached, and new names related to Tesla were found.

How is Linus Sebastian Twitter Related?

Linus Sebastian is a Canadian YouTuber who is famous for his YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips. He is fondly known as the Tech giant and is known for creating channels and discussing the latest technology.

His Twitter handle has information about the hacking incident, and people can follow his handle to get the latest updates.

What could be done to protect the hacking?

The hacking of Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel is one of the most high-profile hacks that has been done in the present time.

The information about the breach has been forwarded to the employees, who are trying their best to restore it. People will be able to watch all his popular videos and new content very soon after his account is restored.

Final Thoughts

The hacking of Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel has been a major concern for people worldwide. The incident has left many people shocked, and they are looking forward to the restoration of the channel.

Linus Sebastian’s Twitter handle and Reddit are the major platforms where people are discussing the latest updates. The employees of the channel are working on restoring it, and soon people will be able to access the authentic content.