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Justine Siegemund was a German midwife who made a significant impact on the field of obstetrics during her lifetime. Despite facing challenges and obstacles, she pursued her passion for midwifery and became a pioneer in the profession. Her contributions to the field are still recognized and appreciated today.

Early Life and Career

Justine Siegemund was born on December 26, 1636, to Elias Diettrich, a Lutheran minister, and his wife, Mrs. Diettrich. Her mother was also a midwife, and she learned a lot about the profession from her.

Justine married Christian Siegemund in 1655 but did not have any children. She started practicing midwifery in 1659, and during her career, she delivered approximately 6200 babies.

Justine Siegemund
Justine Siegemund

Midwifery in the 17th Century

During the 17th century, midwifery was primarily a male profession, and female midwives were not taken seriously. Justine faced numerous challenges and struggles to establish herself as a midwife. However, her experiences with other midwives inspired her to learn more about midwifery, and she started practicing.

The Court Midwife

In 1690, Justine wrote a book titled “The Court Midwife,” which was based on her experiences and knowledge of obstetrics. The book provided a female perspective on childbirth, which was a significant departure from the traditional male perspective. Her book gained widespread recognition and appreciation, and she was appointed as a royal midwife in Berlin in 1701.


Justine Siegemund’s contributions to midwifery are still recognized today. She was the first female to provide obstetrics details from a female perspective and challenged the traditional male-dominated profession.

Her book, “The Court Midwife,” is still referenced in obstetrics and midwifery today. Justine Siegemund’s life and career continue to inspire and empower women who aspire to break barriers and challenge the status quo.


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Justine Siegemund was a trailblazer in midwifery who challenged the traditional male-dominated profession and provided a female perspective on childbirth. Despite facing numerous obstacles and challenges, she pursued her passion and made significant contributions to the field. Her legacy continues to inspire and empower women today.

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