Isonzo Update 1.07 Patch Notes on PS4

Downloadable for PS4 is the Isonzo update 1.07. The most recent hotfix, according to the official Isonzo patch notes, makes a few small adjustments and alterations to the game.

Additionally, the Isonzo patch 1.07 brings improvements to stability and performance.

Prior to this update, a significant Isonzo update introduced QoL enhancements and the choice of microphone input in the Audio part of the game options menu.

Since the most recent patch, players have had issues with the game. Isonzo version 1.07, released today, will address some of these problems.

Isonzo Update 1.07 Patch Notes on PS4

October 15, 2022 Isonzo update 1.07 Patch Notes

  1. Removed spammy spotting text in chat
  2. Addressed Offensive progression showing the progress for maps as 0/3 on the loading screen
  3. Addressed mortar map not returning if HUD was toggled/held off
  4. Fixed officer call-in menu use being inverted if Invert Look was on
  5. Addressed players not being able to open the Context menu of a player they reported
  6. After Action Menu scoreboard now lists up to 24 players per side without need to scroll

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