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How can you increase organic traffic in 2022

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How can you increase organic traffic in 2022;- Well, you just started your new blog or website really great and you’re waiting for visitors. But they don’t come.

Friends and family have already seen it (which was a pleasant and warm increase in the first few days or weeks), but now the situation seems tragic.

You’re not alone. We have recently analyzed 690,000 new websites and discovered that 86.7% of them have less than 10 visitors per day!.

How can you increase organic traffic in 2022

And although we really don’t want to make you feel even worse about it, we have to tell you that it won’t change over time. I mean, it will. It will get worse.

Let’s face the problem

Making the link between your content and your readers is the hardest part of launching a new website or blog these days. We have conducted a survey to ask about the biggest challenges of new website owners and 56% of them said that getting visitors was the biggest challenge.

Just to show you the magnitude of this problem, the challenge of second place was to create content with only 14% of the votes, while third place was the technical challenge of creating the site with 12% of the votes.

Becoming visible online is becoming extremely difficult these days and now most leading bloggers say they should apply the 20-80 rule, which means they should spend approximately 20% of their time creating their content and 80 % promoting it.

The inevitable change of mentality

First, you should see that it will not change without hard work. Many people dream of launching a website that somehow goes viral, but has almost the same chance as winning the lottery.

You will have to work hard to change those numbers and it will not be easy. You will find thousands of online publications that tell you it’s easy, but let’s be honest, who would click on an article that says “Get 100 visitors a day with blood, sweat, and tears”?

No, people will always click on the articles “This is how my blog went viral in 7 days and you can do it too.” That’s why all headlines on the first page of Google are like that.

So how can you get more visitors?

  • Socialize!
  •  Advertising
  • Choose your niche and themes wisely
  • Write good content
  • Understand your audience
  • Use more images


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