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This is How to Unzip Files on Android 2022 Easily

This is How to Unzip Files on Android 2022 Easily;- Do you need to open a zip file on an Android phone? We’ll walk you through the steps on how to unzip files on Android 2021.

Websites use ZIP files to enable visitors to download individual files and large amounts of media simultaneously. Compressed files cannot be opened in compatible apps like regular files. You must decompress them before you can view their contents.

This is How to Unzip Files on Android

ZIP files are common on computers and easier to use than Android phones and tablets. It is difficult to deal with zip files on Android or tablet. Although Android phones do not support ZIP files, some smartphones have a built in file explorer. However, most smartphone, including Motorola’s stock Android phones, don’t have one. To create and open ZIP files on Android, you need a third-party app. We’ve chosen a great one for you to look at.

How do you unzip files on Android?

An application is required to unzip files from Android. This is not the case with all Android file managers. This tutorial will make use of files from Google that are pre-installed on Android One, Android GO, and Google Pixel series devices. You can also download it free from the Play Store.

You will need sufficient storage space to extract a file. You will get a “memoryful” error if you don’t have enough storage. This should not be an issue unless you have very large files.

How to Unzip Files on Android 2021 Using Files by Google

Step 1: Download and install

If Files by Google is not installed on your device, download it from the Play Store.

Step 2: Open the application

Navigate to the folder that contains the ZIP file.

Step 3 – Start extraction

To begin the process, click on the ZIP file.

Step 4 – View extracted files

After the extraction is complete, the application will show a preview of all extracted files.

Step 5 – Close the deal

Check the Delete ZIP File check box to remove the ZIP file and click Finish.


Google Files extracts files and stores them within the same folder as the original ZIP. You can choose to delete the ZIP file. However, the contents of the ZIP file will not be deleted.

Other apps for dealing with zip files on Android

1. WinZip

WinZip Mobile is the mobile version for its desktop counterpart. You can use the app to support ZIP and ZIPX file types, but you can also choose to use the Windows version if your file format needs are more extensive. The app can compress and encrypt ZIP files, but this is a paid option.

These steps will allow you to extract files from WinZip Android.

  • Download WinZip. Free, in-app purchase available
  • Open the app, and choose All Archived Files from the home screen.
  • Tap the three dots menu next to your archive choice and choose Unzip.

2. RAR

RAR is a file management tool that does everything. It is the same software that WinRAR uses. It can open ZIP, ZIP, 7Z and ISO files. RAR allows you to compress files in certain file formats. The application is lightweight and simple to use. You can also view ZIP and RAR archives.

Unzip Files On Android
Unzip Files On Android

RAR comes with extra functionality such as the ability to repair and test corrupt archives. The repair function isn’t as reliable as Windows.

To open a ZIP file using RAR

  • Tap and hold the archive.
  • Choose either Extract files to …, Extract or Extract here.
  • To choose the location you prefer, select Extract files…

How to unzip files on Android 2021 easily

3. ZArchiver

ZArchiver, another great app for opening ZIP archives on Android, is also available. It supports many compressed file formats, including the most common and uncommon. To name a few, supported file formats are 7zip, RAR and RAR5, BZIP2, GZIP2, XZ, ISO and TAR.

ZArchiver lets you view archive contents in certain formats without having to decompress them. You can also create password-protected archives if desired. Split archives are also supported by ZArchiver, but this is not possible for all file formats.

This is how you extract the file from ZArchiver:

  • Click the ZIP file to open it.
  • Select Extract here or Extract To.
  • To locate files that are not compressed, use Extract…