How To Make Money On Steam In 2022 | 12 Legit Ways

Make Money On Steam
Make Money On Steam

If you’re reading this guide, chances are you have quite a few games in your Steam library. You might have even spent time clicking through some of the categories on the main page to see what’s new or hot. But did you know that you can make money on Steam?

How Can I Make Money on Steam in 2022?

There are a number of ways to make money on Steam. You can do it by trading, completing surveys, making videos, leveling up your profile, submitting items to the Steam Workshop, translating, selling trading cards, playing the market or flipping items.

Make Money On Steam
Make Money On Steam

1. Trade and Earn Cards

Steam Trading Cards are a way to earn rewards on Steam. You can get them by playing games on Steam, trading with other Steam users and buying them from the community market. Once you’ve earned a set of cards, they will appear in your inventory as physical items that you can trade or sell for Steam Wallet funds.

There’s no official list of which games will reward you with card drops but there is an unofficial list here: Note that this is not guaranteed to be accurate and some people have reported problems with fake items being given out (so be careful).

2. Complete Surveys & Quizzes

  • Complete Surveys & Quizzes

The second way to make money on Steam is by completing surveys and quizzes. Again, like the first method, this is a relatively easy way to make money online if you have some spare time and want to make extra income from your computer.

Surveys are usually about $3 per survey and you can take up to 5 minutes on each one (some are shorter). You’ll need an active PayPal account that isn’t in dispute with funds available for withdrawal in order for them to pay out your earnings there instead of their own website or mobile app.

There’s usually a limit on how much you can earn from this type of task; however, depending on how much time/effort it takes per survey, some people have exceeded those limits already (but they’re still at least ~$10-20/hour). If you’re interested in learning more about taking surveys online then check out this guide by Make Money Online Now which covers everything from signing up through getting paid!

3. Make Videos and Livestreams

  • Make Videos and Livestreams

Making videos and livestreams is one of the most popular ways for Steam users to make money. You can create any kind of video, from gameplay walkthroughs to editorials and reviews. If you’re really good at what you do, others will want to watch it—and if they enjoy watching it enough, they’ll subscribe to your channel (or “follow” it on Twitch).

The more people who subscribe or follow your channel/stream, the more revenue opportunities you have available for yourself!

4. Level Up Your Profile

If you want to make real money on Steam, it’s very important to level up your profile as much as possible. This can be done by getting more followers and subscribers. Why? Well, when someone follows or subscribes to your channel, they will see all of your latest videos in their feed and this is how you gain views without having to do anything else.

When someone likes or comments on a video that has already been uploaded onto Steam (meaning it’s not brand new), then that like/comment is counted towards the total number of likes/comments for an existing video (one that has already been uploaded onto Steam).

In short: If there are 100 people who have watched your video but only 10 people liked it, then only those 10 would count towards the total number of likes for this particular video because those are deemed “legitimate” views from users who have actually watched what was being shown in each clip.”

5. Submit an Item to the Steam Workshop

Submit an Item to the Steam Workshop

If you have a cool item that you think people would want to buy, then consider submitting it to the Steam Workshop. If your item is accepted into the Steam Workshop, then you will receive a cut of all sales from it. You can also sell items on your own website and have them listed in both places as well.

6. Contribute to the Community Translator

  • Contribute to the Community Translator

The Steam Translation Server is a great way to make money on Steam, and it’s very easy to do so. You can help translate the Steam community by joining the server and doing some work for other users who are looking for help with their translation projects (for example, translating a game). There are two ways you can earn money through this method:

  • Become a translator – If you have good English skills, then becoming one of these translators would be perfect for you! You will be able to pick up new languages quickly and start earning cash immediately. You can also apply for moderator positions if there’s no translator position available.
  • Become a moderator – Moderator roles pay better than translator roles but only those with perfect English skills get accepted into these roles because of the high demand from gamers who need help completing their translations faster than others without having any knowledge of foreign languages like Spanish or German etcetera…

7. Sell Your Trading Cards

If you’re looking to make money on Steam in 2022, then selling your trading cards is an excellent way to do so. With just a little bit of effort, you can make thousands of dollars with minimal effort.

  • Sell Your Trading Cards

Sell the cards that are worth more than $0.01 on the Steam Marketplace or elsewhere. If there isn’t a buyer, sell them at one of the sites I mentioned above (G2A etc) and buy another game for $5-$10 in return!

  • Get Cards Easily by Trading With Friends!

The easiest way to build up your collection is by trading with friends! They may have games or items you want but don’t need right now, so why not swap? This can also be used as an opportunity to increase your inventory size and/or get some extra cash while doing so.

8. Play the Market or Flip Items

If you’re not the type of person who likes to play games, then trading is a great way to make money on Steam. It’s similar to flipping items in that you can buy low and sell high, but it involves buying and selling items within the same game. This option is a great choice if you want to make money while doing what you love: playing games!

You can make money by buying low-value items (in this case, skins) and reselling them for more than what you paid for them. The same goes for playing cards—you can buy cards at lower prices than other people and sell them at higher prices as well. However, there are some rules when it comes to trading cards or skins so make sure to read these before trying either one out:

9. Referral Programs

Steam has a referral program that allows you to earn money by referring your friends and family. How? Well, once you sign up for the Steam Referral Program, give out your referral code and more people use it to buy games on Steam. When they do this, 10% of their revenue is sent as a commission to whoever gave them their referral code (you).

If you’re interested in learning more about how affiliate marketing works and what’s involved, check out our guide on affiliate marketing here:

10. Try Your Luck at Gambling

  • Try Your Luck at Gambling

If you’re into gambling, there are plenty of options for you on Steam. You can play slots or roulette, or even bet on the outcome of CS:GO matches!

Making money on Steam isn’t easy, but it is possible if you are willing to put in time, effort, and energy through numerous methods mentioned above.

Making money on Steam isn’t easy, but it is possible if you are willing to put in time, effort, and energy through numerous methods mentioned above. There are many ways to make money on Steam but the best way is to try different methods and see what works for you. The first step is knowing what your strengths are and then creating a plan of action based off those strengths. If you aren’t sure where to start or how you can use your talents to make some extra cash then check out my article How To Make Money On Steam In 2022!


In this article, we have covered 12 ways to make money on Steam. I hope you find the information useful and get started today! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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