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How do I apply for NYDA Voucher Programme

How do I apply for NYDA Voucher Programme;-The Voucher Programme is a business support programme aimed at assisting young entrepreneurs by providing one-on-one business development support to access quality business development services.

through NYDA approved business consultancy service providers thereby enhancing their participation in the mainstream economy.

How do I apply for NYDA Voucher Programme

How do I apply?

Step one:

Your complete application form must be accompanied by:

·  Certified Copies of ID

·  Business Registration documents (If registered)

Step two:

After submitting, your application will undergo an assessment, which will compare your business against the service you are applying for. If your application is approved, you must select an NYDA accredited service provider from the available list of the branch you applied to. If declined, the applicant is referred to an alternative business support service of the NYDA

Step three:

Once the service provider has rendered their service, the applicant has the option to endorse or decline the service provided. Want more information? Contact the NYDA on 0800 52 52 52 or email