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Here Are Best First-Round Draft Picks in the NHL 23 Fantasy Draft

Best First-Round Draft Picks In The Nhl 23 Fantasy Draft
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You want to make sure you put your best foot forward by selecting a top player with your first pick in the NHL 23 fantasy draft.

You should decide which positions on your team are the most crucial to you, then look for individuals who can fill those voids.

In order to give you the best chance of success, this article will discuss the top first-round draft picks in the NHL 23 fantasy draft.

Each of these players has unique advantages, will contribute to any squad, and may have an impact on the franchise mode team you decide to lead.

Best First-Round Draft Picks In The Nhl 23 Fantasy Draft

Best First-Round Draft Picks In The Nhl 23 Fantasy Draft

Kirill Kaprizov

Kaprizov has always been regarded as a guy who would become a superstar, and after having a standout season with the Wild last year, he confirmed that the hype was true.

With 108 points and 47 goals last season, the Wild hasn’t had a striker as productive in a long time, so it’s hardly surprising that his NHL 23 ratings reflect the caliber player he has developed into.

Kaprizov, who is only 25 years old, will undoubtedly be a top player for your team for many years to come.

Andrei Vasilevskiy

Given how uncommon it is for teams to choose a goalie in the first round of the draft, Vasilevskiy deserves to be mentioned on this list.

His NHL 23 stats demonstrate that he is among the top goalies in the league now. Vasilevskiy, who is 28 years old and has an overall rating of 94, is a wise choice for any team looking to develop a solid defense for many seasons to come.

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Connor McDavid

Since Connor McDavid is the best player in NHL 23, it makes sense that his name would be #1 on this list. McDavid is an incredibly well-rounded defender with a 95 overall rating who will elevate any club to the next level.

One of McDavid’s greatest advantages in the NHL has been his lack of injuries, which has allowed him to average more than 97 points and 30 goals over the past six seasons.

He was the NHL’s top player in terms of points per game over those six seasons, making him a necessity for any squad hoping to win the Stanley Cup.

One of McDavid’s strongest qualities is that he is still only 25 years old, giving him plenty of time to continue playing at the highest level in the NH. He is also unquestionably one of the best young players in NHL 23.

Leon Draisaitl

The German center Leon Draisaitl, who also plays for the Edmonton Oilers, is a great alternative that you might select in the draft. While his track record is not quite as extensive as McDavid’s, he is not far behind. Additionally, he is a little bit more of a goal threat and has an excellent 1.42 points per game average.

He is a dependable player who can play center and the left flank, as well as other positions, effectively.

He possesses exceptional puck control at 95 and a very remarkable offensive awareness rating of 97.

Austin Matthews

Given that he scored 51 goals in 50 games last season, Austin Mathews may seem like the most obvious first-round selection on this list. But just because a decision is obvious doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a poor one.

Matthews earned the Rocket Richard trophy for the second year in a row last year after scoring 60 goals overall.

As you can see from his finishing statistics, Matthews is a significant goal threat in NHL 23.

He is 96 percent accurate on slapshots, 97 percent accurate on wrist shots, and 92 percent powerful on both.

Cale Makar

Cale Makar ought to be at the top of your list if you wish to give strengthening your defenses major importance. Makar stands out from many other defensive players since he is not just an excellent defensive option but also because he can score goals.

Makar has excellent offensive and defensive statistics, with a 94 overall rating, as well as 95 defensive awareness and 96 offensive awareness.

He may be the crucial component your club lacks to win the Stanley Cup two years in a row after guiding the Avalanche to it.

Nathan MacKinnon

During the 17–18 season, MacKinnon shot into the superstar conversation, and since since, he has only been better and better. Since then, he has scored more than 1.30 points per game on average without having a standout season.

MacKinnon has a 94 overall rating in NHL 23 and is an excellent selection choice for any team due to his sustained elite play with the Colorado Avalanches and the group’s success last year. If you opt to contract him, you will benefit from his 27 years of age and the fact that he still has many years to play at his best.

With 96 offensive awareness and 95 puck control, MacKinnon will significantly contribute to your team’s scoring chances and will undoubtedly improve whatever club he joins.

He also possesses some amazing qualities you can use, such as Make It Snappy, Magnetic, and Ankle Breaker.

Final Reflections

You can now choose from a variety of first-round draft picks in your NHL 23 fantasy draft! Any one of these players will benefit your squad and aid you in your quest for glory and success.

Many of the players on this list will provide your squad with much-needed firepower and skill, which will enable you to defeat your opponents in closer games.

Make sure you are wise with your other decisions and choose players who suit their style of play in the NHL 23 Fantasy Draft, regardless of who you select as your first draft pick.

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