E- government in tanzania | How To Register USSD | E-Government Agency (eGa)

E-government in Tanzania | How To Register USSD | E-Government Agency (eGa) The Internet is improving the availability of public Internet services by formalizing and facilitating the use of mobile phones and Internet services in the country.

Therefore, public organizations that require the use of mobile services for public use of mobile phones require a shortcode for the Short Message System (SMS) and Additional Data Services (USSD).

Additionally, eGA is responsible for making it easy to allocate shortcodes from the state code cache suite.

How to register USSD | Electronic Government Agency.


  1. Form 1 fully completed existing and planned projects;
  2. Project text / concept instructions


  1. Complete and submit the form for current and scheduled projects in Download Here
  2. Submit a signed application letter;
  3. Attach a project / concept document explaining the situation analysis and key aspects of the project such as:

Purpose of the project

Identify and define the main project components that include:

  1. The purpose of the project
  2. Project objective (in line with strategic objectives)
  3. Scope of the project
  4. Project results that analyze the main cost
  5. Components such as source and value of implementation, source and operational costs
  6. Costs and a detailed plan for how stakeholders (especially primary stakeholders) will participate in the project
  7. Expected project concerns and planning to address them
  8. Implementation plan, project management and sustainability

Note: A short code must be assigned to the Public Institution by the e-Government Authority, and then follow up on the request for a certificate of ownership of the number from the Communications Authority (TCRA) before providing the intended service

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