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DStv Earn Rewards in South Africa

DStv Earn Rewards in South Africa;- SA’s most entertaining rewards programme

DStv is a satellite broadcasting company owned by MultiChoice. The service was launched in 1995 and provides a wide range of services to its members, which currently number about 11.9 million.

DStv Earn Rewards in South Africa

A little taste of our rewards

Snap up a whole bunch of awesome rewards like BoxOffice movies, free package upgrades, vouchers, event tickets and more to come soon!

  • Get instant rewards
  • Complete exciting challenges
  • Enter exclusive competitions

It doesn’t get better than watching your favourite entertainment, right? Uhm, think again – with DStv Rewards, you get rewarded just for being part of the DStv family. And it’s totally free, gratis, mahala for DStv customers. From the moment you join, you become a star – from a Starter to Rising Star and right up to Super Star and Legend. Each level comes with its own awesome rewards, challenges and exclusive competitions that you’ll love.

Okay, the rest is up to you. Go ahead – join now, then sit back and watch the rewards roll in. It’s too easy!