Courses Offered in ITE Institute of Technical Education

Courses Offered in ITE Institute of Technical Education;- The Institute of Technical Education is a public vocational education institution agency in Singapore that provides pre-employment training to secondary school graduates, and continuing education and training to working adults.

Courses Offered in ITE

  • Full-time Courses
  • Traineeship Courses
  • Part-time Courses

Full-time Courses

Become a full-fledged professional through ITE’s full-time courses in Singapore. Each course equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to provide excellent service to stakeholders, contribute extensively to organizational goals and formulate creative solutions for today’s pressing challenges. Our courses produce graduates and certified professionals who meet rigorous workplace demands and thrive in the 21st-century economy.

1. Gain Proficiency

ITE takes pride in our competent teaching staff who impart invaluable knowledge grounded on real-world experience. Using effective learning programmes and rigorous assessment tools, our lecturers aim for successful learning outcomes. Our lecturers also follow updated curricula based on current workplace demands to ensure that graduates will rise to real-world challenges.

2. Develop an Appreciation for Learning

Besides the required competencies, our students develop soft skills that make for a successful career. They develop a lifelong appreciation for learning, which drives motivation for future training programmes. They develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to help solve organisational bottlenecks. They also learn the value of communication in facilitating collaboration and teamwork.

3. Excellent Learning Environment

ITE creates an environment that is conducive to learning. Our campuses are designed with advanced facilities that make the most of learning technologies. To give the students the best and most effective learning experience, the facilities for our full-time courses mirror actual workplaces. This gives the students a feel of their future careers, develops nuanced, industry-relevant skills and encourages dedication to their respective crafts.

ITE offers full-time courses for the NitecHigher Nitec and Technical Diploma levels.

Traineeship Courses

The ITE Traineeship Programme equips students with the academic qualification and skills necessary to start a successful career in Singapore. You will be guided and trained by accomplished supervisors who will show you the ropes in a 21st century workplace. By immersing yourself in an actual work environment, you will gain valuable work experience on your journey to become a competent professional in your chosen field.

Our Traineeship Programmes welcome students who have completed their ‘N’ Levels. This two-year programme allows you to work full-time and consequently, earn a full-time salary and enjoy employee benefits. Academic skills will not take a backseat to hands-on skills; you will still attend classes one or two days a week. This mode of learning will bridge theory and practice.

Programmes for Every Career Path

Choose from over 25 courses in 12 industry sectors to suit your interest and career goals. These sectors include:

  • Marine Technology
  • Automotive Technology
  • Aircraft Technology
  • Info-Communications Technology
  • Culinary Arts
  • Hospitality Operations
  • Beauty and Hair Fashion
  • Healthcare and Dentistry
  • Business and Entrepreneurship

ITE Training Programmes 

Each Traineeship programme runs between one and two years. At the end of the programme, the student earns a National ITE Certificate (Nitec), Higher National ITE Certificate (Higher Nitec) or an ITE Skills Certificate (ISC). By clicking on the categories above, you will see an overview of the programme, duration, relevant certificate, the subjects that you will learn, progression opportunities, career opportunities and related courses. You can also download Core and Elective module details. For more information about our Traineeship programmes, contact us at