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How to connect a ps4 controller on android

How to connect a ps4 controller on android; To connect a PlayStation 4 controller to an Android device, you’ll need to turn the power off on your phone, and then turn on the PS4 console. The controller will be automatically paired with your Android device. When you first power on your phone, be sure to disable any power outlets.

connect a PlayStation 4 controller to an Android device

You will next need to pair your PlayStation wireless control with your smartphone. To begin the pairing process, you should click on the Wireless Controller icon from your smartphone’s Home screen. Your PlayStation controller should be listed on the Home screen of your smartphone. When the PS4 is properly paired, it should no longer blink. Next, use the PS4 controller’s Navigation buttons to navigate with your Android phone.


To pair your PS4 controller with your Android device, go to Settings > Bluetooth. After that, select Advanced Options. Click Connect Now. When the pairing is complete, you’ll see a new icon in your home screen. Choose Bluetooth Auto Connect in the settings menu. Select Continuous Connection. Next, set the timer to between 2 and 15 seconds. This should resolve the majority of your problems. If you’re using an Android device with an update to its software, you won’t need to worry about this issue.

Connect A Ps4 Controller On Android
Connect A Ps4 Controller On Android

For pairing the PS4 controller with an Android smartphone, first go to the settings menu. Next choose Bluetooth Auto Connect. Next, click the Continue Connect button. If you don’t want your devices to always be connected, tap the Continue button. Bluetooth Auto Connect will continue to be active and connect your PS4 controller once every two seconds. Android 10 or newer should have no problems connecting or lagging.

pair an Android phone with your controller

To pair an Android phone with your controller, you will need to go into pairing mode. For this to happen, hold down the share button as well as the PS button simultaneously. The Bluetooth icon or the Settings app will display once the pairing mode has been enabled. Now you can search for your PS4 controller and pair it with your Android. A Bluetooth icon can refresh the device’s current list.

In order to connect a PS4 controller to an Android device, you need to first pair your PS4 with the device. For iOS devices, the operating systems must be updated to reflect the PS4’s capabilities. When you have both devices connected, click the Bluetooth icon from the notification shade. After connecting the PS4 controller to your Android phone, you’ll need to pair the PS4 with the Android system.

pair your PS4 controller and Android device

If you want to pair your PS4 controller and Android device, then you will have to go into pairing mode. This is done by holding the PS2 button and sharing button. The device will then pair with your phone automatically. To activate Bluetooth, go to Settings and click the Bluetooth icon. After that, you will see a listing of devices. While the Bluetooth connection is established, you can now move your controller to another location to play games.

PS4 wireless controller with Android smartphones

You can use the PS4 wireless controller with Android smartphones. Make sure your smartphone is compatible before you attach your controller. You can try again and update your OS if the controller doesn’t connect. When the PS4 wireless remote controller is successfully paired with your phone, then you can download the PS4 app. You can follow these steps if your Android device has an iPhone. It’s worth noting that iOS doesn’t have an universal Bluetooth standard.

Bluetooth makes it possible to pair your PlayStation 4 controller with Android mobile devices. The PS4 wireless control will then connect to your phone. Your PS4 wireless control can be used to play mobile games. Play your music on your PlayStation. Media apps also allow you to change your default music. You can then enjoy the game once you are satisfied with your results. If you have any trouble, don’t forget to enable the PS4 game in the Settings app.