Binghamton Academic Calendar 2022-2023: Important Dates and Events

Binghamton Academic Calendar
Binghamton Academic Calendar

The Binghamton University Academic Calendar 2022-2023 is out and will be in effect for the next few years. Here, we’ll take a look at some important dates and events in the calendar, including when classes start and end for the fall semester, winter break, spring semester, and summer session.

Binghamton Academic Calendar 2022-2023

The Academic Calendar serves to allow students and faculty to know what courses are available when, how long each semester is, and when testing will take place.

Binghamton University’s academic calendar for 2022-2023 is as follows:

  • Fall Semester 2022: August 30 – December 19 (30 days)
  • Spring Semester 2022: January 1 – June 14 (90 days)
  • Summer Semester 2022: June 15 – August 13 (29 days)

Binghamton University Academic Calendar 2022-2023

The Binghamton University academic calendar 2022-2023 includes important dates and events for each of the school’s four semesters: fall, spring, summer and winter.

  • The fall semester begins Aug. 20, 2022 and ends Dec. 16, 2022 (70 days). The spring semester runs Jan. 7 through May 5; the summer term encompasses the months of July through September; the winter period spans Nov. 7 to Feb. 6, 2023.*
  • Spring break is scheduled for March 18 through March 23 in 2022-2023.* The summer recess occurs from June 14 through Aug. 17.* Winter break begins Dec. 19 until Jan 9 (with classes resuming on January 11).

Fall Semester 2022

  • First week of classes (August 29, 2022)
  • Exam Period begins (September 11, 2022)
  • Fall Break (September 23-27, 2022)
  • Final Exams (December 7-9, 2022)
  • Commencement ceremonies for the College and Graduate Schools (December 14-15, 2022)

# Spring Semester 2023

The academic calendar is set for the next few years.

It’s a sure bet that the academic calendar for 2022-2023 will be the same as it was for 2021-2022, and so on. Each year, new students enrolling at Binghamton University are given an explanation of what to expect from their school experience. The academic calendar is one of these expectations and is set by the university well in advance of classes beginning each fall semester.

Binghamton Academic Calendar
Binghamton Academic Calendar

The academic calendar includes all events that affect student life on campus: registration dates, deadlines for graduating seniors to complete degree requirements or apply for graduation; class times; breaks between semesters or quarters; holidays when classes are not held (such as Thanksgiving break); commencement ceremonies (for graduating seniors).


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