Best ways to Reduce Mobile Internet Data Usage On any Android device

Reduce Mobile Internet Data Usage
Reduce Mobile Internet Data Usage

Best ways to Reduce Mobile Internet Data Usage On any Android device;- How to reduce mobile internet data usage, Mobile data usage has increased dramatically in recent years. Apps are increasingly data-hungry and push new versions of their apps to users.

Best ways to Reduce Mobile Internet Data Usage

Web browsing used to be mainly in text. Video streaming services have gained wide popularity. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have made video services a main attraction. It is becoming more difficult to reduce Android’s data usage. We have collected the best and most efficient ways to reduce mobile internet data usage on Android devices.

1. Limit data usage in Android Settings

To avoid excessive data use without your knowledge, setting a monthly data limit is the best thing you can do. The Settings app allows you to limit your Android mobile data usage.

Navigate to the Settings menu and tap Billing Cycle>>Data Limit and Billing Cycle.

You can also set the monthly data limit. You can also opt to disconnect automatically from the network after reaching the data limit.

How to reduce mobile internet data usage

2. Restrict App background data

Mobile data is still being consumed by some apps even when the phone is off. Background data is used to update and monitor your apps even when you’re not using them. Not every app will need background data.

You can view the data usage stats of the app by going to Settings >> Data Usage.

You can view the background and foreground data usage of an app by clicking on it. When an app is open, it consumes foreground data. Background data is data that is consumed even though the app isn’t being used. This data is not required to be taken action and happens automatically. This could include automatic app updates and syncing.

Reduce Mobile Internet Data Usage
Reduce Mobile Internet Data Usage

Tap Limit app background data if you feel that background data is excessively high for an app. This will ensure that the app only uses data when it is opened, and thus consumes less data.

3. Only Wi-Fi is allowed to update apps

Disable automatic app updates from Play Store to reduce mobile data usage.

Navigate to and click on Menu>>>Settings >>Autom-update. You should make sure you choose ” Automatically update apps over Wi-Fi only.” However, this is not recommended as you will need to manually update your apps from time to time.

4. Limit streaming services

Streaming music and videos is the most data-consuming content. High-quality photos are also the most data-consuming. This is why you should avoid using mobile data. You have the option to save music and videos locally or download them when connected to WiFi.

To reduce data usage, lower the streaming quality when streaming via mobile data. Youtube uses a lot data so be sure to reduce the resolution when streaming on mobile data.

5. Pay attention to your apps.

Data-hungry apps can severely impact your data usage while connected to your mobile network. Google Photos may be synching your photos in the background each time you click one. Many data is used by social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook.

Avoid watching videos or GIFs within these apps. You can use alternative apps to those apps that still provide the same functions but consume less data. Facebook Lite, for example, is a lightweight alternative to the Facebook application. It saves data and battery life. TweetCaster offers a similar option to the Twitter app.

Tips and Tricks to Reduce Mobile Data Usage on Android:

  • When you’re connected to Wi-Fi, download large files.
  • Clear your System Cache only if you don’t have any other options.
  • When not in use, turn off mobile data
  • You can turn off notifications from apps you don’t use.
  • For widgets on your home screen that are often updated, set longer intervals.

These ways to decrease data usage on Android were helpful to you. Leave your comments and feedback below.

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