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Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Oil/ Gas Transmission

Best Paying Jobs In Oil/ Gas Transmission
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Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Oil/ Gas Transmission;- The oil and gas industry is a big player in the global economy. It plays a critical role in our daily lives, providing energy and other necessities.

The energy sector is one of the most important sectors of the global economy, with an annual revenue of $2 trillion. With such huge demand for oil and gas, it’s no surprise that this industry has been booming over the last few years.

The number of jobs available in this sector is higher than ever before, with more than 1 million job openings expected by 2020.

Best Paying Jobs In Oil/ Gas Transmission

The oil and gas transmission sector is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. The pay scale is high, and the career opportunities are endless.

Best Paying Jobs In Oil/ Gas Transmission

Best Paying Jobs In Oil/ Gas Transmission

This sector is highly competitive due to its high demand and low supply. To succeed in this industry, you need to have a lot of experience under your belt. You also need to be able to work with a team or on your own as well as have excellent communication skills.

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Oil/ Gas Transmission

The fastest growing industry in the world is oil and gas. The demand for oil has never been higher as it has in recent years. With the increased demand, there is also a need to expand the supply of oil globally.

The top 10 best paying jobs in oil/ gas transmission are listed below:

1) Oil & Gas Pipeline Engineer $74,000

The oil and gas industry is a rapidly growing market. With demand for fossil fuels rising, the need for new pipelines to transport these resources across the world is high. Pipeline engineers are responsible for designing, building, and operating these pipelines that move our natural resources from one place to another.

2) Petroleum Engineer $65,000 Oil/ Gas Transmission

Petroleum engineers are responsible for the safe and efficient movement of oil or gas from the wellhead, to the refinery, to the pumping station and finally to consumers. They also design, build and maintain pipelines and other specialized oil or gas facilities. Petroleum engineers are responsible for planning, designing, developing and operating various aspects of petroleum production.

Petroleum engineers use math, physics and other technical skills to perform engineering calculations and design pipelines. In order to become a petroleum engineer, students often need to study engineering mathematics, physics and other sciences. Petroleum engineers are the main force behind oil & gas development projects.

3) Petroleum Engineer-Chemical $65,000

Petroleum engineers are responsible for extracting oil and natural gas from the Earth. They study how to extract petroleum and refine it to be used as gasoline or jet fuel. Petroleum engineers tend to work in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, construction, retail, and service industries.

Petroleum engineers are responsible for the extraction, storage, refining and distribution of fuels and other products made from petroleum. They also work to create new materials, such as synthetic rubber and gasoline, through chemical reactions.

4) Geologist-Oil & Gas Exploration $63,500

Geologist-oil and gas exploration is a lucrative career with many new technologies and methods coming into play. It has been a growing industry for the past decade, which has seen a steady increase in salaries over time.

Geologists are responsible for understanding the Earth’s crust, igneous and sedimentary rocks, and the products that result from geological processes such as oil & gas exploration.

5) Offshore Marine Engineer-Oil Platforms $62,500

Offshore marine engineers get a great appreciation for the beauty of their work, often spending lengthy periods of time at sea. They work primarily on oil platforms and other drilling rigs. This career is not without its challenges, but those who are able to face these challenges are rewarded with a lifetime of service and satisfaction.

Offshore Marine Engineer-Oil Platforms are in high demand due to the increase in the number of oil platforms in the world. These engineers design, build, and operate offshore platforms for drilling, production & other purposes of the oil industry. Most of these engineers work on a day-to-day basis doing routine tasks. However, they also have opportunities to work on engineering projects and make crucial decisions for

6) Oil & Gas Surveyor-Field Operations $60,000

The oil and gas industry is a lucrative and challenging field to work in. The job requires a lot of skills, hard work, and dedication. It is also highly competitive.

The oil and gas industry is constantly evolving with the new technology, regulations, and the need for more skilled workers. This industry has been growing exponentially since it was first discovered in 1859 by Edwin Drake in Titusville, Pennsylvania.

The field of oil and gas operations includes many different types of jobs such as geologists, petroleum engineers, petroleum geologists, environmental scientists, environmental engineers or even landman or rig operators. There are also many different career paths that can lead to success in this field such as becoming an owner/operator of an oil company or joining the management team at a large corporation. These careers will require

Oil and gas surveyors are responsible for finding oil and gas deposits, drilling wells, maintaining well sites, and collecting production data.

The oil and gas surveyor is a professional that uses a variety of skills to find the best places to drill for oil or natural gas.

Oil & Gas Surveyor-Field Operations $60,000

7) Oil & Gas Production Operator-Drilling Rig $58,500

Oil and gas production operators are responsible for drilling wells and extracting oil from underground deposits. They also maintain the machines that produce and pump oil.

Oil & Gas Production Operator-Drilling Rig is a position that requires drilling down to the earth’s core, oil and gas production. There are many perks of this job such as the ability to work on various rigs in different areas, and travel to other countries.

An Oil and Gas Production Operator-Drilling Rig job is a challenging, exciting and rewarding profession. With the high demand for these positions, you’ll need to have a strong understanding of how to operate an oil and gas drilling rig while maintaining safety.


Oil and Gas transmission is a high paying job that can be done anywhere in the world. In spite of the current low oil prices, the demand for this job is still high. The average salary is $128,000 to start out with and can go up to $180,000.

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