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How To Apply Job Via Postal Address | Jinsi Ya Kuomba Kazi Sanduku La Posta , Postal address is very important for job application, Most of job Vacancies announced need applicants to send their Application via Postal address.

How To Apply Job Via Postal Address 

  • Visit the post office

Once you have finished preparing the necessary documents to apply for a job, visit the nearest post office to which you send your application. The post office offers different services to send those letters, there is a way that the letter can be delayed and in another way it is fast. Therefore, it is better to choose the fast way so that your letter can reach the required destination before the deadline.

The good way is EMS, EMS is an international postal express service used to send documents and goods that can take 2-7 days depending on location.

Therefore, write the return address on the envelope and you will be given a code to trace your letter. For more information, you can request customer service at the post office.

EMS offers on-time and guaranteed deliveries in Tanzania and East Africa, and around the world. Dynamic flight linking and computerized tracking of your document or package is our way of doing it!

Jinsi Ya Kuomba Kazi Sanduku La Posta

DOMESTIC SERVICE The next day delivery is guaranteed to most of the centers and the third day to the rest of the rural centers.

FREE COLLECTION! For our regular customers, a phone call brings an EMS agent to your home or office to collect your documents or packages.

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE Delivery times vary from two to five days, depending on the destination and possible flight delays / interruptions. When you need to ship abroad, International EMS provides the solution.

In the UK, EMS is known as DATAPOST; in France, CHRONOPOST; in India, SPEEDPOST; And in the US, Germany and Japan, it’s EMS – the world leader in fast and secure courier service!

To facilitate your business or high-traffic needs, you can establish a domestic or international business credit account with EMS so you can “book now, pay later.” Consult your nearest EMS agent for details!


Urgent message for a national, regional or international client, friend or relative? Send an EMS fax and make sure your message was delivered within 24 hours to the right person or company! Text, graphics, schedules, images, drawings – EMS Fax can handle them all, whether it is broadcast across the country or around the world. A crisp, clear black and white fax is sent to your recipient’s residential or business fax machine.

Postal Address Job Application Online

Therefore, be sure to opt for this service (EMS) when submitting your job applications so that your application can arrive as quickly as possible.

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How To Apply Job Via Postal Address | Jinsi Ya Kuomba Kazi Sanduku La Posta 24
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