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Tia Torres Husband; What happened to Marcus Jackson?

In This post You Will Find All detailed information About Tia Torres Husband; What happened to Marcus Jackson?, Pit Bulls and Parolees, a television program by Tia Torress about giving both people and animals a second chance, is well-known.

Tia Torres, her family, and her company are typically the main subjects of the TV show. But, Tia Torres’ husband, who has been intermittently present, has sparked a lot of inquiries, chiefly regarding his whereabouts. Aren Marcus Jackson: What happened to him?

The personalities who appear on reality television programs are what really matter, along with how they go about their daily lives in terms of work or leisure. People have become quite interested in Tia’s life as a result of her show, Pit Bulls and Parolees, and have noted her husband’s disappearance. So what happened to the husband of Tia Maria Torres?

Summary of Aren Marcus Jackson’s career

Aren Marcus Jackson is the name.
Date of birth: August 1968; age: 53
birthplace: United States of America
6 feet 2 inches tall (1.88m)
Relationship status Divorced
Tia Maria Torres, spouse/ex-wife
arrested on 11 charges, including attempted murder, grand theft auto, and second-degree burglary

Who is the husband of Tia Torres?

The fact that he was married to Tia Torres made Aren Marcus Jackson famous. He was born in August 1968, and in 2022, he will turn 54. He is of white ethnicity and has American citizenship. Aren has not given many details about his family or parents, so little is known about his past.

Aren Jackson from Pitbulls and Parolees, what happened to him?

However, since he was a little child, Aren Jackson has had a reputation for being on the wrong side of the law. Aren Torres was serving a 14-year jail term for taking part in a gunfight with Orange County Sheriff’s deputies when he and Tia Torres first met.

He spent 14 years in prison following his imprisonment until being released in 2006. During this time, he wed Tia Torres. Nonetheless, despite the fact that others thought he had changed for the better, his freedom and lack of criminal activity only lasted a year until he was apprehended.

Aren was taken into custody and later charged with 11 offenses. Tia had a difficult time as she worked valiantly to get her husband’s release on bail but was unsuccessful.

What’s going on with Aren Marcus Jackson now? Aren remains in prison after being detained for 11 felonies (of which he was found guilty), including attempted murder, using an illegal car, theft, burglary, and other offenses.

Aren Marcus Jackson and Tia still together?

Everyone has been enquiring as to Tia and Aren’s marital status. Tia Torres has a divorce, according to a Facebook post she made in July 2018.

Everyone longs for the fairy tale happy ending, which Mr. Jackson, who only appeared in one and a half episodes, experienced ten years ago. And surprise! despite the fact that I haven’t uttered his name once in the previous ten years and that some of these websites’ lovestruck gurus are desperate for “Tia to be in love,” I’ve been divorcing for a long time. Maybe I need my own spin-off now, I’m thinking. If you can get past Lucky, you might have a chance to date My Dog, LOL.

When Aren was still a prisoner in the early 1980s, Tia and Aren initially connected. Tia was looking for the owner of his dog at the moment. He started hunting for him after seeing Aren’s name on an online tracking site, which led to her arriving at the prison where Aren was spending his sentence.

Torres fell in love with Aren despite the fact that he was a prisoner; they got married in 2006, right after Aren served out his sentence. But, Tia would file for divorce a few years later. Although Aren was incarcerated for a lengthy period of time, she filed for divorce.

When will Aren Marcus Jackson be freed?

Aren Jackson’s sentence to jail expires in 2022, and it is anticipated that he will be freed in the same year. Now since 2022 has passed, everyone is eagerly awaiting his release.

Who are the children of Tia and Aren?

Aren and Tia never had children together, but he assisted her in raising her kids when they were together. There are two biological and two adopted children in Tia Maria Torres’ family. Her adopted twins are Keli “Moe” Chock and Kanani.

Tani Torres and Mariah are Tia’s biological kids. Tani wed Perry Sanchez in 2013, and the two are parents to Salem-Wolf Clementine. Mariah was also wed to Marcel in 2016, but they split up the following year.

Basic information about the husband of Tia Torres

Aren Marcus Jackson’s age is unknown. August 1968 marked the birth of Aren Marcus Jackson. As a result, in 2022, he will turn 54 years old.

Aren and Tia Torres remain a couple? Sadly, it appears that Tia and Aren have split up. In a 2018 Facebook post, Tia announced her divorce and shared the news. She also made light of the possibility of a spin-off in which her pets help her find a new partner.

Aren and Tia Torres have any kids together? Due of Aren’s incarceration, they do not currently have any children together. But Tia has two biological children and two adoptive kids.

Why was Tia Torres’ husband incarcerated? Aren Marcus Jackson is currently incarcerated serving a second term.

Eleven felonies, including second-degree murder, burglary, attempted murder, and other offenses, were brought against him.

When is Aren expected to be let out of jail? Aren is expected to be released from jail in 2022.
Aren and Tia Torres wed in what year? After Aren was released from prison, they got married on October 31, 2006.

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