Kristy Althaus: Miss Colorado contestant

In This Post you will Find All details About Kristy Althaus: Miss Colorado contestant, When Kristy Althaus finished in second place in the 2012 Miss Colorado Teen USA pageant, she shot to fame all over the world. She lost her crown, nevertheless, shortly after allegedly pursuing a contentious line of work. What happened to the former beauty queen, then?

The contestants in beauty pageants are subject to a number of laws and moral principles. Runway models like Vanessa Williams and Genesis Davila have faced criticism in the past for a variety of scandals. What happened to Kristy Althaus and who is she?

Summary of Kristy Althaus’s career

Name in full: Kristy Althaus
Callsign: Kristy
birthdate: May 2, 1994
27 years of age (As of 2022)
Astrological sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Aurora, Colorado, USA
United States of America
Straight, sexual orientation
Relationship status: single
Model and adult video vulture
5 feet 3 inches tall
Dark brown hair
Hazel eyes
Kristy Althaus’ Instagram page

Kristy Althaus: who is she?

Kristy was born in Aurora, Colorado, in May 1994. If she has any siblings, they are not in the open. Her religion and race are a mystery as well.

Yet before going on to college, the former beauty queen attended a nearby high school. What college did Kristy Althaus attend, then? She began modeling while still in school, albeit the exact location is unknown.

Career Kristy Althaus

Kristy competed in the Miss Colorado Teen USA pageant in 2012. She finished behind Jacqueline Zuccherino. But, because of her position, she could take over if the winner was unable to perform her duties.

Sadly, a year or so later, an adult video surfaced online. In the footage, Althaus was seen sitting on a bed in front of a camera when a man behind the lens questioned her about her age and whether this was her first video. She gave a positive response.

At the time, the runner-up was 18 years old. Unfortunately, Kristy’s well-earned title was forfeited because of the Miss Colorado incident. The contest organizers, Future Productions, removed any mentions of the beauty queen shortly after the video’s publication. They also deleted a YouTube video that featured the competition’s results and took her name off the official website.

Unexpectedly, Kristy’s identity was not explicitly stated in the video. As the drama started, the Miss Teen Colorado 2012 runner-up canceled her Twitter account. Regarding the affair, neither Althaus nor the event organizers issued a formal statement.

Internet users throughout the world responded to the incident in a variety of ways, many of whom argued that she done nothing wrong. Some, though, think she violated the moral standards of the Donald Trump-owned event.

Kristy Althaus is currently where?

It’s rumored that the former runway model now works full-time in sexual videos. Derek Wolfe, a former Denver Broncos player in the NFL, and Althaus were previously associated. He came out to openly support his lover on social media when the video surfaced, expressing his love and affection for her.

But when he learned that Kristy had started a new job, the two split up. The NFL athlete afterwards deleted his social media accounts.

It’s unknown where Kristy is right now. She did, however, make an appearance in a few videos on sites like “Girls Do Porn” after losing her title. She has since appeared in a lot of pornographic videos. Althaus introduced a premium Snapchat account for her followers in 2019.

Simple information about Kristy Althaus

  • What is Kristy’s age? In 2022, she will be 27 years old because she was born on May 1994.
  • She was born where? The former beauty queen is from Aurora, Colorado, in the United States.
  • What college did Althaus attend? Her tertiary studies was completed at an unnamed university.
  • At what time did Kristy take part in the Miss Colorado Teen competition? She participated in 2012 and finished second.
  • Where has the previous model gone? Althaus keeps producing explicit films online.

Kristy Althaus made the unusual decision to switch from modeling to producing sexual film content. The native of Colorado decided to follow her passion and seemed to be succeeding at it despite all obstacles.