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Patch Notes

Green Hell Update 2.4.1 Patch Notes 2023

On PC, Green Hell update 2.4.1 is accessible (Steam). The most recent version fixes a few small modifications and changes, per the Green Hell patch notes. Download free Green Hell update 2.4.1 for PC.

A significant upgrade previously called Animal Husbandry adds new features to the game. Now that he has constructed an animal pen, Jake Higgins is able to breed the capybara, tapir, and peccary.

Regrettably, after the most recent significant patch, players have been having a number of problems. The Green Hell patch 2.4.1 released today will fix some of these issues.

Green Hell Update 2.4.1 Patch Notes 2023

– January 26, 2023 Green Hell Patch Notes 

Clients should now be able to join a multiplayer game when the Host has a centipede on themselves

Footbridge ghost should no longer disappear or become non-functional after a game reload

Deconstruct trigger on Footbridge should now be accessible over the entire length of the construction

Players should be able to properly interact with Mud Bricks that were made before the Building Update

Players should no longer have double walls in their constructions that were made before the Building Update

Right mouse click should no longer cause a weapon change

Synchronization of Climbing Rope Ghost in coop mode has been improved

Fixed translation errors of platforms in Spanish language

Placing materials into platforms’ ghosts should be now more convenient

All items should now have proper names in Turkish translation

Added missing Turkish alphabet characters in Nootebook font

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