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85 Year Old Killed by Alligator Video: Was Woman Found Dead?

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Have you ever watched a video of an alligator dragging a senior citizen into a lake? What steps are being taken by the government to stop the alligator from eating people? On the bank of a lake, an alligator killed an 85-year-old woman. On social media, a video showing an alligator grabbing the woman quickly gained popularity.

The disturbing information quickly spread online in Canada, the Philippines, and the United States. Everyone wants to know what the person doing the video recording was doing and why he or she didn’t assist the woman. To learn everything there is to know about the 85 Year Old Killed by Alligator Video, keep reading.

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Gloria Serge walked her dog alongside an elderly woman in her neighborhood’s pond. The woman was 85 years old. All of a sudden, an alligator emerged from the lake to attack the dog. Thankfully the dog passed away, and the alligator grasped the feet of the lady and dragged her into the water.

Also, Carol Thomas, a woman from the neighborhood, dials 911 and rushes to whack the alligator with a rod so that he can open his jaw. Sadly, she was unable to release her buddy, and the alligator murdered Surge by dragging her into a deep body of water.

Footage of an alligator killing an 85-year-old woman

An exclusive video depicting a woman being pulled by an alligator is making the rounds on social media and in the news. After biting the woman’s leg within the pond, the alligator kills her. Unfortunately, the alligator’s jaws became trapped on Gloria when it tried to hunt the dog Gloria was holding.

Gloria wasn’t dead when the assault began. She was battling the alligator in an attempt to get him to release her. She was unfortunately dragged far into the pond by the 700-pound Monster. The footage also shows that Gloria was unaware of the approaching Monster. As she realized it, she pulled her dog away and moved a little distance away, but she was unable to flee from the monster.

Governmental response to the alligator-killed 85-year-old video

Police contacted FWC to coordinate the alligator capture after receiving information about the attack from a neighbor. Because the Monster was deep in the water, FWC needed a lot of time to capture him. Gloria’s body is also unknown, and it is unknown whether she was torn apart or devoured by an alligator.

FWC in command The Predator was captured by Robert Lilly, who noted that it was challenging to keep him under control. He added that because he was reluctant to leave the lake’s bottom, it was quite difficult to raise him to the surface.

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85-year-old woman killed after incident with alligator in St. Lucie, Florida
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Final Reflections

When walking her dog nearby with an alligator, an 85-year-old woman was attacked. She was killed when the 700-pound Monster dragged her into the ocean. Thomas, a friend of Gloria’s, called 911 to report the incident and recorded video of Monster approaching.

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