kozi za Arts- HKL, HGK, HGL, HGE – Best Arts courses in Tanzania 2023

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Tanzania is a country on the East coast of Africa that has a diverse landscape and amazing people. The capital city, Dodoma, is home to many great arts courses that you can take to learn more about Tanzania’s culture.

Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology

Archaeology is the study of human societies through their material remains, such as artifacts and architecture. Archaeologists excavate the sites of ancient people and analyze their artifacts to learn about their ways of life. In this way, archaeologists can reconstruct past cultures by examining the evidence left behind by these peoples, and make inferences about things like:

  • Their economies, including what crops they grew and animals they raised for food
  • Their social structures; for example whether there was a chief or king in charge of each group
  • Their religious beliefs (if any)

Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language and Literature

Arabic language is the official language in 29 countries and one of the six official languages of the United Nations. It is also spoken by over 400 million people worldwide, making it one of the most widely spoken languages in history.

Arabic language and literature is one of the oldest literary traditions in history, dating back to before Prophet Muhammad’s birth around 570 CE. The Arabic alphabet was developed from an earlier version called “Habesha” (Abyssinian script).

Arabic is a Semitic language that belongs to the Afro-Asiatic family, just like ancient Egyptian, Amharic (Ethiopian) or Hebrew.

Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature

The course is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the field of English language and literature. Students are expected to be able to:

  • identify, analyse and evaluate literary texts
  • identify and discuss linguistic features of different genres of literature
  • explain how language can be used for various purposes and contexts (e.g., writing an essay)

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science Education

This program is a field of study that prepares you to teach environmental science in grades K-12. Environmental Science Education is a growing field, with the need for teachers to be prepared in this area increasing rapidly. This is due to an increase in interest from parents and students as well as an increased focus on environmental education within school curriculums.

You will learn how to teach about ecosystems and biology, as well as geology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences. You will also learn about how humans impact the environment through pollution or climate change.

Bachelor of Arts in French Language and Literature

The Bachelor of Arts in French Language and Literature is a four-year undergraduate course that focuses on the study of French language and literature. The course is designed to prepare students for a career in teaching. It is offered by the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) and attracts many students from Tanzania who want to gain knowledge about French language, literature, history and culture.

Bachelor of Arts in Geography

Geography is a social science that studies the spatial distribution of human activities and phenomena. Geographers study the Earth’s surface and the physical processes that shape it. They may also study other planets, moons, asteroids and comets.

Geographers conduct research on everything from climate change to political systems and population migration. A bachelor’s degree in geography can open doors to many careers where a sophisticated understanding of Earth’s natural environment is valuable or even essential.

Bachelor of Arts in German Language and Literature

The German Language and Literature program is a 3-year course that aims to teach students the basics of the German language. The program is aimed at preparing students for further studies in Germany, as well as enabling them to understand and appreciate the works of famous German writers. Students will also be able to communicate with people who speak German fluently.

In addition to teaching students how to speak, read, write and understand the language, this Bachelor of Arts in German Language and Literature course also teaches them about the culture of Germany. Students will therefore get an insight into what makes Germany one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe!

Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art

Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art

The Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art is a four-year degree course offered at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) and National University of Education (NUE). This course focuses on developing students’ skills, knowledge, understanding and appreciation for art. After graduating from this course you may be able to pursue a career as an artist or curator.

Bachelor of Arts in History

History is the study of past events and how they affect the present. It helps you to understand why things happen, who does them and when they happened. History also shows how people in Tanzania have changed over time, including culture, society and technology.

History has many different areas of study including:

  • Ancient History (e.g. Greek civilization)
  • Modern History (e.g. World War I)
  • Biography (a book about a person’s life story)

There are also several job opportunities available after studying history at university level such as working in museums or as a tour guide at an ancient site like Olduvai Gorge where Mary Leakey discovered one of Africa’s earliest human fossils!

You could also become an archivist or historian in charge of preserving historical documents or artefacts for future generations to study or use for inspiration when writing biographies about famous people from Tanzania such as Julius Kambarage Nyerere who led Tanzania’s independence movement against British colonialism in 1961.”

Bachelor of Education (Arts)

Bachelor of Education (Arts) is a four-year degree that prepares you for teaching in secondary schools. The program is a combination of general education courses and education courses.

The general education courses are the same as those required for a Bachelor of Arts degree, while the education courses focus on what is needed to become a teacher. You’ll learn how to use appropriate methods when teaching students with different levels of learning, including students with special needs such as visual or hearing impairments or physical disabilities.

Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS)

The Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) is a four-year degree program that prepares students for careers in libraries and information technology. The program is offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Information Studies, and the School of Communication.

The BLIS curriculum provides students with a broad liberal arts education to complement their specialized training in Library science. Students will also develop skills in research methods, critical thinking, information literacy, digital literacy and communication.

Upon completion of the BLIS degree program (or transfer credit equivalencies), graduates are able to pursue professional certifications in library science as well as graduate studies such as MA or PhD degrees at top universities around the world including University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), University at Albany New York State University at Buffalo etc..

Best arts courses

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science Education

  • Training is provided for teachers who wish to teach at secondary level and for Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Science Education.

Bachelor of Arts in French Language and Literature, Bachelor of Arts in German Language and Literature and Bachelor of Arts in History

  • These programs aim at preparing students to be proficient users of the language, while also making them aware of the cultural values associated with it, which will help them interact with people from other countries.


We hope you were inspired by all the great art courses that exist in Tanzania. With so many to choose from, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find something that matches your interests and skill set. With such a wide range of subjects on offer, it won’t be hard for you to find your perfect degree programme!