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Download Dream League Soccer 2021 (DLS 21) Mod Apk 8.31 for Android

Download the DLS 21 apk, also known as Dream League Soccer 2021. New kits, quick subs, player form boost, and new background music that can be heard prior to the start of the game are all included in the new DLS 2021. It’s one of the best football games for Android and iOS thanks to the enhanced commentary and graphics.

In addition to the many pitch viewing angles, such as the bird’s eye view, TV view, satellite view, 100% touchline view, and even player focus view, DLS 21 Mod apk is available with limitless money, game cheats, upgraded players, a new splash screen, and updated player transfers.

To learn all the tips and cheats for this game, try to read this post all the way through.

DISCLAIMER: This game’s creator is not First Touch Games Ltd. is the owner and distributor of it. The game has a lot of our enthusiasm, therefore I assume you do too. We are writing about it because of this. Keep in mind that whatever you decide to do with this material, you are responsible for it!


Application DLS 21
384 MB in size
Sports, including football and soccer
Version 8.31
First Touch Games Ltd. is the creator.
OS. Android 5.0 or later
December 1, 2021 update
published on April 5, 2020
Rating 4.4/5
Price Free
Mod Yes
Downloads 100,000,000+
Licence FIFPro


DLS 2020, the most recent game by First Touch Games that has been officially launched, will be replaced by DLS 2021. The most recent 2021 edition enables online multiplayer and carrier mode while allowing offline exhibition gaming. As a result, the game can be played offline or online.

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We and other players appreciate the game since it is easy to download and install, has good visuals, and has a large database of FIFPro licensed players (over 4,000). There are four different game modes: training, exhibition, carrier, and DLO.

APK of Dls 21

2021 Dream League Soccer

Training DLS

You can practice passing, dribbling, shooting, throwing, running, and employing various strategies on the field while in training mode. If this is your first time playing Dream League Soccer, you should take part in training to become accustomed to the game controller on your screen and learn how to direct players’ actions.


The exhibition mode in Dream League Soccer 2021 is not available. You will compete against a different squad in this mode, but you won’t receive cash for any victories. It’s not meant to be a competitive match; instead, it’s meant to get you comfortable with the gameplay and prepared for carrier mode.


Your fantasy league soccer career begins here. In this mode, you can train your team to become the finest in the world. This is accomplished by amassing several victories, awards, and accomplishments.

The more games you win in the carrier mode, the more cash and diamonds and jewels you amass. Your players can be upgraded with the help of these things to attain their full potential.

You will initially be given a fairly subpar team with just one well-known superstar, whom you should presumably designate as team captain. then make an effort to win games so you can get cash to sign additional players. More high-profile players may choose to join your squad if you sign more great players.

Each competition has a different level of difficulty; the higher you go, the harder it is to win games unless you sign exceptional players and employ excellent strategy.

Online Dream League mode (MULTIPLAYER)

This is Dream League Soccer 2021’s toughest mode. There are 20 tiers (levels), and you will attempt to work your way up from tier 20 to tier 1 by winning the necessary number of games and accruing the necessary number of points.

You will compete in this mode against actual opponents from around the globe.

Your gaming prowess and strategy will be put to the test because you’ll be dealing with the real football game experts at this point.

You will advance to the next tier if you win enough games, but if not, you will either make it through and repeat your current level or be demoted to a lower level. Everything is based on how many points you score throughout each season.

Additionally, while playing a game of dream league online, you can convey your emotions during the game by using emoji. This makes it livelier and more enjoyable.

While playing in the DLO mode, you are able to collect an infinite number of coins and jewels. Every season, you’ll be able to check your position in the ranking table, which is obviously based on the amount of victories and matches you’ve played.

Visit the dream league online if you believe you can play Dream League Soccer.


Play whoever you want, whenever you want, in friends matches.
Quick Replacement
Progress reset: You can now reset your progress from the settings menu.
increased player health in-game
After 90 minutes, penalties apply
Triple-player special transfers
Online Dream League LIVE events
soccer boys
new team information
fresh splash page
added fresh background music
Player moves and the database have been updated to reflect the 20/21 season!
AI and new player animations
The best-looking DLS match experience to date thanks to stunning visuals!
Get rewarded for playing and upgrade to Premium for enormous bonuses with the new season pass!
Real player images raise the bar for realism in Dream League Soccer.
corrections for bugs


APK DLS 21 Mod (72 MB)


Data for DLS 21 (283 MB)


  • Obtain the Zarchiver app, then launch it.
  • To find DLS 21 Obb Data, search for it.
  • When you click on it, an options menu will appear.
    Select “Extract”
  • Next, select storage/emulated/0 from the Zarchiver app’s menu.
  • Then select Device Memory from the drop-down box that appears.
  • The game files will then begin to extract after you click “Extract Icon.”
  • Simply wait till DLS 2021 is downloaded automatically into Android’s obb and data pathways.
  • Install DLS 21 Apk after that, then start the game.

NOTE: In Android 9 smartphones, go to settings > apps and notification > Special access > Unknown source and turn it on to permit app installation from sources other than the Play Store.

This will enable the installation of programs from unidentified sources.

You could also just download the game from the Play Store.


You must choose your team formation, name a captain, and decide between defending, offensive, or medium team tactics when the game initially launches. You are prepared to enter the stadium to play once these have been set.

  • Press the “B” button to pass the ball.
  • Simply press the “A” button to fire the ball low.
  • Press “A” a little firmly to fire hardly.
  • Click “C” to complete a through ball or pass. When in situations where goals can be scored, this is also utilized to chip the goalkeeper.
  • Use the direction button on the left to move your player into a running posture before kicking the ball.
  • Use the rotational direction button on the left side to dribble opponents by moving the player holding the ball.
  • When receiving a cross or pass, quickly double-tap the screen to perform adroit shooting link acrobatics.
  • To shoot a penalty, put the ball inside the goal with the direction button slightly depressed, then tap “A” to shoot.
  • Use the direction button to guide the ball during a free kick, and press “A” to shoot. The distance between the
  • shooting area and the goalpost affects the shooting pressure.
  • Long-tap the “B” button while pursuing your opponent with the direction button to tackle them.
  • Long press the “C” button to signal your goalkeeper to charge a ball.
  • All of these Dream League Soccer pointers will help you perform like a pro.

Advice for executing skills

Swipe right to move over to your right; swipe left to walk over to your left.
Swipe down to spin the roulette wheel.
To do the two-footed rainbow flick, swipe up the screen diagonally from left to right.
Simply press the screen twice to cross while standing.
To perform a heel flick pass, swipe to the right and rapidly tap button B.
You can perform moves like snake bites, legovers, nutmegs, and more using these DLS 21 tricks. But the player you used to perform the skills will affect the accuracy.


No matter how difficult the competition is, cheating is utilized to outplay your opponents and win games.

Shooting outside the box is one of the best DLS cheats in this iteration. As soon as you receive the ball, shoot from outside the box to score some amazing goals. Some athletes are better shooters than others. For instance, world-class players like Mbappé, C. Ronaldo, Messi, Hazard, Pogba, and Aguero consistently score outstanding goals when they shoot from outside the box.

Slide tackling your opponent in risky spots is another DLS 2021 hack. Simply press “A” to give them a sliding tackle if, for instance, they are trying to score on you. You will have an 80% success percentage of stripping your opponent of the ball if you use strong defenders like Van Dijk, Ramos, Maguire, Kouliballi, etc. However, if done incorrectly or with a player who is not defensively sound, you risk being sent off and possibly receiving a penalty.

To trick your opponents, you can also utilize the fast passing trick, which involves continuing to move the ball quickly.


Watch as many advertisement videos as you can in Dream League Soccer 2021 to learn how to gain limitless coins. To achieve this, launch the game, click on the adverts to see videos, and then close the game when the videos are through or you see the “X” symbol. Launch the game once more to view a different video.

You can add coins to your profile without playing any matches if you use this approach. But you must play and achieve trophies in order to obtain jewels. Downloading and using a customized DLS profile data file is another approach.


2021’s Dream League Soccer cannot be hacked. That is the straightforward truth. Get DLS 19 if you want a dls game to hack. This includes a team profile with infinite money and cheaters. The majority of modified apk games include profile dats with hacks inside.


  • enhanced and realistic gaming
  • Over 3,500 players with FIFPro licenses
  • added more stadiums
  • new competitions added
  • linesmen and arbitrators
  • boost in form
  • Stadium amenities like clinics, practice fields, eateries, and parking lots
  • team uniform personalization
  • a fresh backdrop
  • fresh emojis
  • Player development is limitless
  • updated transfer window rules
  • agents and scouts
  • supervisory mode.


In order to use any of the formations in this game, you must first unlock them all with cash or diamonds.

The 4-1-2-1-2 formation is the greatest DLS 21 configuration in my opinion since it allows me to maintain possession of the ball while attacking from the center or through wide areas.

When it comes to defense, the wide players (wings) aid the right and left backs while the defensive midfielder tracks the action and disassembles the opposition’s attack buildups. In most circumstances, he also initiates the team’s offensive move. I think of him as the team’s powerhouse.

The standard 4-4-2 formation and the 3-5-2 configuration are also viable options.


Just go to settings > Advance > Graphic choices to customize Dream League Soccer 2021. Choose a lower graphic setting, and the game will play without any issues even on a slow internet connection.
Get DLS kits for your team if you require official jerseys, boots, etc.
Increase the capacity of your stadium so you can advance to a higher division.
Images and videos of gameplay are available.


All Samsung phones with shopping modes and at least Android 6.0

All Tecno smartphones with Android versions 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, or 10.0

Every Infinix phone is powered by Android 6.0 or 7.0. at least 8.0, 9.0, or 10.0.

Every LG phone is running Android Marshmallow or later.

Android 6 or later is running on all Xiaomi smartphones.

Every Itel phone has an Android version of 6.0 or higher.

Every Gionee phone has an Android version of 6.0 or higher.

any Huawei phone with at least 2GB of RAM and 3GB of available space

In truth, Dream League Soccer runs smoothly on any Android smartphone with Android 6.0 or higher, at least 2GB of RAM, and 3GB of free storage. Keep in mind that speedier gameplay will result from higher phone specs.


Cover image for Dream League Soccer 2021

DLS Formation 2021

After downloading and playing this edition, you should check out the most recent Dream League Soccer 2022 game, which includes improvements for the 2021–2022 football season, such as player transfers and uniform changes.

DISCLAIMER does not own this software, but we share it in order to support the app’s creators and owners and to help our esteemed readers who are looking for instructions on how to download and play the Dream League Soccer game successfully.


There is a good reason why Dream League Soccer has become an addiction for so many gamers worldwide, including myself. Before you start playing the game, especially the online multiplayer version with actual opponents, you won’t comprehend.

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