DLS 20 Apk Mod OBB (Dream League Soccer 2020) Download

A fresh update has been released! Download DLS 20 Apk Mod + OBB Data 7.41 for updated player transfers, cheats for unlimited money and diamonds. The offline and online multiplayer football simulation game Dream League Soccer 2020 for Android and the shopping mode iPhone gives you coins for victory. It is an improvement to DLS 19 made by First Touch Games (FTG).

Career mode is now available online in DLS 2020, however exhibition (friendly) games are still played offline. Additionally, “rapid sub” enables you to replace a worn-out or injured player with only one click without halting the game.

The “form boost” feature, which allows you to temporarily upgrade players instantaneously, is another intriguing innovation. Just be sure to finish reading this post to learn everything there is to know about the game.

In the addictive football career game Dream League Soccer, you take on the role of a coach, choose an amateur football team from the lowest ranked division on a low difficulty setting, and attempt to advance all the way to the Elite Division by collecting coins and gems, winning trophies, and unlocking achievements.

It has a brand-new “manager mode” where you may pick a manager, give him a name, and alter how he appears. Diamonds, jewels, and other money are now available to upgrade stadium infrastructure, players, and to purchase players.

20 DLS Game

DLS 20 Apk is an improvement over the popular DLS 19 app, which was released in the final quarters of 2018. However, it has some drawbacks, including the inability to make an online career, poor graphics (when compared to the 2019 version), locked formation, and the fact that everything in this DLS 2020 game costs money.

However, I must admit that I’ve enjoyed playing this fantastic soccer game over the past few weeks, especially after new updates were made to solve some flaws.

Look at my first game in the Junior Elite Division; keep in mind, though, that I went on to win and advance to the coveted and extremely challenging Elite Division.

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In Dream League Soccer 2020, I had a clean slate and immediately got to work training my players and starting a new career. You can meet me (Mokoweb Blog FC) in Dream League Online after I’m finished (DLO).

Playing DL 20

The online game Dream League Soccer 2020, often known as DLS 20, features a multiplayer option.

It is simple to download and install because the file is only 332MB in size. Like First Touch Soccer 2020, it’s comparable.

Dream League Soccer is viewed by many gamers using phones with limited RAM and memory as an alternative to PES and shopping mode FIFA games, which typically demand large file sizes and memory sizes to download and install.

Details for the Dream League Soccer 2020 App

Application DLS 20
332 MB in size
Sport, football, entertainment, and gaming categories
Version 7.41
First Touch Games Ltd. is the creator.
OS. Android 6.0 or later
revised on July 14, 2020
published on January 14th, 2020
Rating 4.1/5
Price Free
OS Requirement Android 5.0 and higher
Downloads 10,000,000+
Licence FIFPro

DLS 20 Unlimited Diamonds and Coins

Although Dream League Soccer 2020’s official edition does not include a cheat, you can earn it through gaming by winning as many matches as you can. Learn how to acquire DLS 20 unlimited coins.

By watching in-game advertisement films, you can obtain limitless coins in DLS 20 in a legal manner.

One tip is that you can watch as many videos as you want without engaging in any gaming activity. Open the game, select “free +30,” and then watch as your coin total rises.

When you restart the game after that, you will notice an additional “30 coins.” You can keep doing this to acquire infinite coins.

Keep in mind that to achieve this, your internet connection must be active. If you have a data problem, get the most recent free internet cheats.

However, the DLS 2020 mod offers features like limitless cash, diamond, gem, and player improvements as well as the ability to buy bigger stadiums, remove weariness, and replay lost games.

It should be noted that in the ordinary edition, you cannot stop and restart a match that you are losing, and if you attempt to game the system, the match will end with a 3:0 loss.

The DLS 20 mod cheats edition supersedes this. Therefore, in order to obtain the cheat, you must download the modified version.

Online Dream League (DLO)

In this year’s Dream League Soccer, “DLO XP” was added, and participants are now awarded with DLO XP points for winning or drawing games.

Dream League online has a multiplayer feature where you may compete against other players from tier 20 all the way up to tier 1 in real-time matches.

If you play against players who cheat, you will lose in multiplayer mode. This is due to the fact that most, if not all, players have been upgraded and given a perfect rating in every aspect, rendering them unplayable no matter how you attempt using the official version.

However, as hacks are almost entirely gone in this new edition, an opponent with enhanced players had to earn it through games or watching video advertising.

If an opponent in this game forfeits a match that you are winning, they lose by a score of 3:0.

On my Android 9 smartphone, I began using the most recent Dream League Soccer 2020 apk in January 2020.

In order to verify that DLS 20 functions flawlessly on shopping mode Samsung Galaxy phones, Nokia Android phones, Xiaomi Redmi phones, Tecno, Infinix, iTel, Gionee, and Huawei phones, I tested them all before releasing this post.

It’s possible that it will function on other handsets having at least 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage as well.

To upgrade your squad without spending real money, download this Dream League Soccer cheat to obtain limitless coins.

Links To Download DLS 20 Mod Apk

MOD DLS 2020 Version

Get the DLS 20 Mod Apk.

DLS Official Version 2020

Dream League Soccer 2020 Apk

Download 2020 Dream League Soccer Unlimited Money

NOTE: The first link is the official Google Play Store download link for the original dls20 game, which is now available worldwide and updated, while the second link is the dls mod mediafire download link.

Use only one link unless it didn’t work for you in which case use the backup link. I strongly advise visiting the second link.

How to Download and Install DLS 20 Mod for Android

1. Download the DLS 20 zip file first from the above URL, then use an extracting software to unzip it.

2. Use mokoweb as your password.
3. Put the apk file into use.
4. Transfer the data folder to Internal >> Android >> data now.
5. Lastly, find the DLS android app and press on it to start playing.

2020 DLS teams

breach of DLS 2020

I’ll tell you the plain truth: If you attempt to hack Dream League Soccer 2020, you will be prohibited from playing the game. Once more, there are no profile details for Dream League Soccer 2020.

You will see the notice below if you try to hack or cheat any longer.

Due to behaviour that we believe violates our terms of service and the fair play ethos of our games, your account is BLOCKED from participating in multiplayer.

dls 20 account blocked

As a result, you must play the game honestly with what you have because FTG has finally cleaned up the system of dishonest gaming practices.

However, using “diamonds” to increase your players’ form is the only real technique to hack DLS 20. The players’ attributes can be increased to 100% with this approach, however this usually only lasts for two matches before the players revert to their previous attributes.

When you discharge players from your squad, you receive diamonds and coaches, which you may use to raise your players’ ratings permanently.

However, if you must have cheats, purchase DLS 20 Gold edition here.

DLS 2020 Trick

Using the best configuration that complements the qualities of all your players is the best cheat.

Once you’ve determined your ideal lineup, strive to win games and watch advertisements to earn enough coins and gems to purchase elite players.

You then spend your cash and gems to increase your players’ skills permanently.

Use the “form boost” option to individually improve each player’s form if you want your players to be even stronger at tackling, sprinting at top speed, defending, and scoring goals.

Another dls 20 cheat is to hold possession of the ball while in your goalkeeper’s area, especially when you’re winning a game. Discover how to obtain infinite coins on DLS.

Performing Skills

While holding the ball, you can use various expert maneuvers like the leg-over, snake bite, nutmeg, and others by swiping your screen left, right, or in a circular motion. You must recognize, nevertheless, that skilled players like Hazard, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Mbape, etc., perform more proficiently and precisely.

Kits DLS 20

All of the team uniforms for this game are listed below.

FC Barcelona’s Dream League Soccer 2020 uniforms
Chelsea’s 2020 Dream League Soccer uniforms
2020 Dream League Soccer Bayern Munich uniforms
Manchester United’s 2020 Dream League Soccer uniforms
Juventus’ 2020 Dream League Soccer uniforms
Real Madrid’s 2020 Dream League Soccer uniforms
Dream 2020 League Soccer Arsenal Kits
PSG Dream League Soccer jerseys
Liverpool’s 2020 Dream League Soccer uniforms and more.
If you need genuine, authentic jerseys for your favourite team in the 2020 Dream League Soccer, purchase all of these DLS 20 outfits right away. If you require other alternatives, you can also purchase various dls kits.

Featured Players

The top super stars from various clubs and leagues around the world are all represented in DLS20, including Mohammed Salah, Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Eden Hazard, Sanchez, Morata, Neymar, Harry Kane, Gabriel Jesus, Suarez, Gareth Bale, Lewandowski, Dybala, Icardi, Raheem Sterling, Kylian Mbappe, Vigil Van Dyjk, Ngolo Kante, Lacina Traore, and Hakim Zi These football players are among the best in Dream League Soccer this season.

Leagues And Clubs Featured

The English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, French League 1, Italian Seria A, German Bundesliga, Chinese Super League, and other leagues are all included in the evolution of Dream League Soccer 2020. This version of DLS 19 Apk includes teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham, (Juventus), AC Milan, Inter Milan, PSG, Roma, and Bayern Munich.

Due to a limited FIFPro License, Juventus is unfortunately referred to in Dream League Soccer 20 as “Turin.” The player faces are also less realistic than in the previous iteration. If the creators really want players to switch from DLS 19 to DLS 20, they will have a lot of work to do in the upcoming releases to make the game better.

National Teams Featured

You will face national teams from Belgium, England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Portugal, France, and other elite European teams if you reach the international cup tournament stage of Dream League Soccer. There are also African teams including those from Cameroon, Tunisia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, South Africa, and Egypt.

Dream League Soccer 2020 Download

DLS 20 Apk Data Mod’s Features
In-charge mode

Enlist the aid of scouts and agents to help you find the best players to add to your team.
8 divisions to legend status
Quick Replacement (Auto sub)
Unending Coin
boost in form
Unending Diamond
HD graphics in full (1080p)
Player Unlocked for All
a fresh free-kick mode
enhanced keeper serving and throwing
Accessibility to Gems
Over 3,500 players with FIFPro licenses
Choose new visual options that work with your smartphone.
Create your own empire with your own stadium, as well as with your own hospital, retail, and training facilities.
Create your own team logos and uniforms, or just import your favorite uniforms.
Attend regular events to enter to win prizes.
Hire a coach to improve the technical and physical prowess of your team.
Unlocked for all transfers
new kicks, tackles, celebrations, and goalie saves captured in 3D motion.
Modern UI Design
New Splash & Background Screen
New Control Button for Shopping
New Music
Background of a new player card
new billboard (Latest)
Juventus’ Christiano Ronaldo.
New shirt numbers
Hud (New Controll button & radar) (New Controll button & radar)
The squad has won more than seven cups in as many as six divisions, and all of its accomplishments and leadership are available.
It has elite players with outstanding abilities.
While playing, the game feels more realistic.
Luis Suarez and Gareth Bale are the new cover athletes.
The soundtracks and comments have been updated.
When the transfer window starts, you can also buy new players on the transfer market.
You can create your own squad and players.
Your stadium can be built or constructed.
synchronization options
Numerous additional new features.
For premium players, interactive digital purchases can be applicable.

first touch challenge for champions

Dream League Soccer 2020 Mod Instructions

This game can be played offline, online, and over WiFi with friends on a multiplayer connection, or online when connected to the internet, with a complete stranger.

You will need to set up the game, select an amateur team, give it a name, and, if you’d like, modify your team’s uniform. Then, begin in the lowest division and attempt to win games and trophies to earn enough cash to purchase players, upgrade Stadiums, purchase team uniforms, and other items.

Additionally, your Dream Team will become fearsome and regarded as one of the finest in the world if you win enough championships.

With the exception of the Dream League Legendary All Stars Cup, which I have only once qualified to play, I have won every trophy available in DLS 20. In my upcoming trial, I’m confident that I’ll take home the prize and brag about being the best.

As you can see from these screenshots, I’ve made it to the top tier of the league and have bolstered my squad (Wizy FC) with some incredible players like Eden Hazard, Robert Lewandowski, Ngolo Kante, Benteke, Subbotic, Mo Salah, Rakitic, etc. I’ve been able to win several games, earn trophies, and unlock a lot of achievements because of this.

Best DLS Formation for 2020

3-5-2 is the ideal formation for this game. The finest team formation in Dream League Soccer 2020, in my opinion, is the 3-5-2 with tactics set to “moderate,” after unlocking every formation and playing it numerous times.

This is because the formation gives your side extra width with wingers who attack from the left and right flanks and enables you to control the middle.

Additionally, it enables the two strikers to concentrate on their primary task of locating openings in the defense of the opposition in order to attack and score goals.

When they lose possession of the ball, the wingers assist in defense by tracking back. You may defeat your Dream League Online opponents by using this highly powerful setup.

creation of dls 20

Team Structure

As you can see from the image above, my team is made up of superstars, and together with my formation and my team, I am capable of defeating anyone.

Goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen is my defender, and Sergio Ramos, Marouane Van Dijk, and Giorgio Chiellini make up my center defense.

Paul Pogba and Luka Modric play defensive middle, while Lionel Messi and Neymar play on the wings.

While Christiano Ronaldo and Anthoine Griezmann are the two center forwards, Kevin De Bruyne is the attacking midfielder who directs play and distributes deadly passes. You can’t beat me, I wager.

Koulibaly, Ivan Rakitic, Eden Hazard, Raheem Sterling, Mo Salah, Eriksen, Dybala, Mahrez, Harry Maguire, Firmino, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic make up the list of my substitutes.

The 4-4-2, 4-3-3, and 3-4-3 formations are also effective. Use the 4-1-4-1 configuration to play a more defensive game and make it difficult for your rivals to score against you.

2020 Dream League Soccer Tournaments and Levels of Difficulty
5% of the Academy division
10% for amateur division
Silver Cup = 20%
% of Division 3
30% silver cup
30% for Division 2
Silver Cup = 40%
50% of the Diamond Cup
50% for Division 1.
50% of elite division
50% of the elite cup
50% for the Global Challenge Cup
All-star category in the elite = 80%
FIFA World Cup = 80%
Dream 100% All-Time Legendary Stars
All-Star first touch games at 100%
100% for the Clone Club Challenge
Legendary fraction equals 100%
Cup of the Ultimate Challenge = 100%
100% for the AllStar Cup
EveryStar Cup

This competition consists of cup competitions amongst Allstars assembled from several continents. The top players from every continent will be up against you here.

SUGGESTIONS For Better Gaming:

Simply go to settings > Advance > Graphic options if Dream League Soccer 2020 is running slowly or sluggishly for you. Choose a lower graphic setting, and the game will play without any issues even on a slow internet connection.

When playing a set-piece, such as a free kick or a penalty kick, point your left hand in the direction you wish to shoot while using your right thumb to press the “A” button while still holding the ball in that position.
To download the kits for your preferred club, check out DLS 20 kits if you need more official jerseys, boots, etc.
Increase the capacity of your stadium so you can advance to a higher division.

This 2020 Dls is worthless. Too challenging to play. You only care about making money. Even changing team composition requires payment. To pass, simply press B; the ball will become lengthy. The visuals are not as good as those in 2019. I do not perceive any progress.

However, I disagree with him that the game is tough to play because it runs quickly once the graphics are set to the appropriate level for your device. Additionally, the gameplay has been enhanced, and long ball cheats have been greatly diminished. Expect not to play all those long balls from keeper to striker in this version. LOL.

I agree that the graphics in 2019 are superior to the graphics in 2020 since the players in the earlier version appear more realistic.

If Dream League Soccer 2020 is unavailable in your country, how to install and play it

Follow these instructions to get around the restriction and install DLS 2020 on your phone for fans and players in Nigeria, South Africa, and other nations where it isn’t yet available.

1. Install Kiwi VPN

2. join with Singapore

3. Access settings and delete Play Store history.

Visit the Play Store.

5. Lookup DLS

6.Dls 20 is located in the developer games section.
Install the video game.

8. Relish and have fun

improve player
Improvement of Players

How to Remove DLS 2020

to always be able to uninstall the game;

On your Android, navigate to “settings.”
Down the page, click “Applications.”
Search for “DLS20.”
Click it, then choose “uninstall.”
Your smartphone will no longer have the game installed.
Going to the app menu, holding down the dls app until options display, and then clicking the three dots symbol to view app info are other ways to delete the game. The game will then be deleted from your device after you select “uninstall.”

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

See the frequently asked questions and answers about this game.

QTN 1: Will Dream League Soccer 2020 replace Dream League Soccer 2019, which is already installed on my phone, if I install it?

SUMMARY: No. As a stand-alone application, DLS 20 will function differently than DLS 20. Thus, you can play both games on a single phone.

Will my DLS 20 data, including team, players, uniforms, logos, and game progress, be transferred?

When you begin playing DLS 20, you will regrettably lose all of your prior game data. Thus, the data cannot be transferred.

3. Can I import or transfer my DLS 2020 game data (game progress) to a new phone and continue there if I change phones?

ANSWER: Your game progress cannot be moved to a new device. You simply start over because the game will treat you as a new user. Just let’s hope the developers address this.

Is it possible to hack DLS 20?

NO, you cannot, and your dream league account will be banned if you persist in trying.

QTN 5: Can I use one phone to play both DLS 19 and DLS 20?

ANSWER: You can install both games on a phone and play them simultaneously.

Dream League Soccer 2020: Is it online or offline?

ANSWER: It is acceptable to state that the game is both online and offline because the career and DLO modes are played online while exhibition matches are played offline.

QTN 7: Why does the game continually closing down after I install it?

THE GAME IS DEVELOPED WITH A VERY POWERFUL GRAPHIC ENGINE, SO YOUR ANDROID PHONE SHOULD HAVE OPEN GL ES 3.0 AND ABOVE FOR IT TO RUN FLAWLESSLY. On Android devices with 3GB RAM or more and a really good chipset, it ought to function flawlessly. However, you can choose “low graphics” in the game’s advanced graphic options if you think the game’s graphics are too bad and it runs slowly and it will improve.

QTN 8: Which of DLS 19 and DLS 20 is preferable?

DLS 2019 has better aesthetics and overall gameplay, while DLS 20 is superior in terms of fair play. For the time being, until the creators enhance the 2020 version in later releases.

Dream League Soccer information

Keep in mind that Oxford, England-based game company First Touch Games created and released the association football video game Dream League Soccer 2020 for iOS and Android. For Android and iOS, Dream League Soccer is a single-player and multiplayer game. This indicates that DLS 20’s multiplayer option is available to you along with infinite money.


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With “allglobalupdates.com FC” and “Wizy FC,” two powerful dream teams I’ve established, I’ve already signed players like Eden Hazard, Sterling, Ngolo Kante, Nainggolan, Rakitic, Salah, Diego Costa, Liwandoski, David Alaba, Cedric, Subotic, and Williams. Could you defeat me?

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