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DLS 19 Mod Apk (Dream League Soccer 2019) Download

Dream League Soccer 2019 mod apk 6.13 with unlimited coins, hack profile info, upgrade players, and winning cheats is available to download. For free money to unlock all things, DLS 2019 is superior to DLS 20.

In contrast to the most recent Dream League Soccer games, it is also portable with most Android phones. You are now in the right place, so you don’t need to look all over the internet to find this game. I have a free download link for the DLS 2019 mod.

Remember that the acronym DLS stands for “Dream League Soccer,” a very popular football game for mobile devices that was first created by first touch games inc. However, due of the adoration for the game, many players began creating and altering modified versions of it to include more intriguing elements like the profile.dat file, the authentic team logo, kits, infinite coins, and enhanced players, making the game more entertaining and addicting.

2019 Dream League Soccer (DLS 19 Apk)

Dream League Soccer 2020 has a “profile.dat” file, making it easy to hack, yet DLS 19 is more enjoyable to play. Additionally, you will lose all of your Dream League soccer data and have to start over when installing DLS 2020. You see why we still favor dls 19 for the time being?

mod dls 19

There are currently several versions of the DLS 19 game available, including the regular DLS 19 apk, the world cup, the English Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, and the UEFA Europa Champions League editions. These variants can all be found in modified versions.

The fact that Dream League Soccer 2019 Mod comes with infinite coins means you won’t need to play the game to the point of exhaustion or spend real money to acquire coins to use for buying the best players or upgrading your players.

You may find download links and instructions for Dream League Soccer’s limitless money as you scroll down. Links to both the standard DLS 19 and the DLS 19 mod UCL edition are also provided here.

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Before you can qualify for football competitions like the International Cup and the Champions League, you can move up from the lowest division to the top division.

What Sets DLS 19 Apart from DLS 22?

The differences between Dream League Soccer 2019 and Dream League Soccer 2022 are displayed in the table below.

DLS 19 Specifics

DLS 19 DLS 22 APP NAME 351 MB 320 MB File Size Last Updated January 19, 2022 August 11, 2022
Version 6.13. 7.18. Career Mode Offline Online DLO Tiers 10-20. Coaches Signing
No Yes
Over 2000 players are licensed by FIFPro.
More than 8,000 players
Stadium Resources
There is no hospital, helicopter hangar, airplane hangar, or parking lot.
Transfers of Players With and Without Agents and Scouts
compatibility with OS
Android 4.4 and up Android 7.0 and above Rating 4.5 out of 5 3.7 out of 5
Abrasive Slide Tactics
Yes No (will attract red card)
Available Dat File
Not accessible
Player Cover (s)
Brent Bale
De Bruyne, Kelvin
Quick Subs are not currently available.
standard direction
advanced guidance
Visual Options
No Yes
No Yes Academy Division

When I installed and started playing the Dream League Soccer 2019 Champions League game on my Android phone, I was impressed. It was truly thrilling to hear the renowned Champions League anthem play before each game.

DLs 19 mod unlocked

Dream League Soccer 2019 has Messi and Ronaldo

You will see teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, FC Porto, Paris Saint-Germain PSG, Chelsea, Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, CSK Moscow, Arsenal, Liverpool, Roma, AC Milan, Burusia Dutsmund, Inter Milan, Benfica, and many more because the UCL is all about the top clubs from the continent’s top football leagues.

The most recent superstars from each team are represented in this game, including Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of Arsenal FC, Mo Salah of Liverpool, Gonzalo Higuain of Chelsea, Fernando Tores of Atletico Madrid, Thibault Courtois of Real Madrid, Alisson Becker of Liverpool, and others.

Eden Hazard, Bernado Silva, Luka Modric, Lionel Messi, Kilian Mbappe, Ngolo Kante, Alisson Becker, Harry Kane, Paul Pogba, Raheem Sterling, Kelvin De Bruyne, Suarez, Lacina Traore, Hakim Ziyek, Pjanic, etc. are other outstanding players with exceptional skills and cheaters.

Although it’s not really very customizable, this game is for people who enjoy playing them. You may build your own stadium, design team uniforms, club logos, team tactics, enhance player talents, and other things.

Some players also have cheats, but they get better as you use them to take home more victories and awards.

DLS 19 Tricks

Remember that DLS 19 Apk Mod is an offline game and can be played without an internet connection or WiFi. However, in order to play in Dream League Online versus other real human players, you must have access to the internet (DLO). Because career mode is now available online in DLS 2020, DLS 2019 excels in this area as well.

To access your game progress the following time from a different device or when you install a new version on your device, you must have internet access. Your progress in games, achievements, and other game-related items can be shared with friends on social media thanks to an online connection.

The download for the game is just under 350 MB. However, please take a moment to review the main aspects of this game and any other information you might require before moving on to the downloading section of this page.


  • The most authentic Dream League Soccer experience is now in your hands thanks to FIFProTM licensed players!
  • freedom to build, modify, and manage your own dream team!
  • You have to progress through six divisions and seven cup competitions.
  • Participate in frequent live events to earn rewards and honor!
  • Create a stadium of your own to display your superstars!
  • Seasonal goals to maintain your interest and keep you coming back! Develop your players with greater accuracy and intent!
  • Google Play leaderboards & achievements to see who is in first place!
  • Create and import your very own logos and kits!
  • With Google Play Cloud, progress between devices can be synced!
  • The Luka State, Sunset Sons, Jack Wins, Vistas, and Only The Poets supplied the exclusive soundtrack!
  • A limitless supply of coins
  • 100 percent enhanced players
  • canceled game
  • modernized stadium
  • Dream League Soccer is playable both offline and online.
  • You will get access to Unlimited Coins, which you can use to build stadiums, develop your squad, and do a lot more.
  • 1080p resolution Full HD graphics are available.
  • Players’ physical attributes and appearance are fairly accurate.
  • In this version, every SuperStar football player is available.
  • It includes every professional football team that has earned a spot in the 2019 UEFA Champions League match.
  • It includes every player who has consented to take part in the tournament in person.
  • Chelsea and other elite teams that in the actual world did not make the cut for the 18/19 season will need to be manually certified through your playing effort.
  • The radar and logo for the 2019 UEFA Champions League have been added.
  • DLS 19 comes with infinite money and coins to make jobs easier for you to complete.
  • improved performance by referees and line officials during games.
  • feature brand-new stadiums.
  • new Ball varieties.
  • each team’s most recent jersey designs.
  • noise reduction at stadiums.
  • Official Anthem for the UEFA Champions League.
  • section settings have a new user interface.
  • added extra camera angles.
  • Players’ jerseys now have proper numbers on them.
  • In the DLS 19 apk UCL, the UEFA Champions League adsboard is now accessible.
  • shoppingmode The controls smoke more
  • There is new background music throughout the game.
  • To play is free.
  • You can compete with friends. Check out the Dream League Soccer mobile game’s setup instructions for the multiplayer mode.
  • And while playing the game, you’ll notice a ton of interesting features.
  • Still using the Champions League DLS 2019 Apk version…


Modification for Dream League Soccer 2019
DLS 19 Apk Short Title: Modified
Updated on December 20, 2019
5,000,000+ downloads
Category: Soccer in sports
Zip file password: soccer-mobile.blogspot.com File size: 351 megabytes
4.5 out of 5
No charge.


Make sure that downloads from untrusted sources are enabled on your Android smartphone by going to Settings >> Security >> Unknown Source before continuing. By doing this, you’ll be able to download files from websites other than the Google Play Store. Once that is finished, simply follow the instructions below to download and install the game for free on your device.

Download  DLS 19 Mod Apk, Obj, and Data.

Download DLS 19 Mod Apk Obb Data

The dls 19 apk file may be found and installed by tapping on it.

You should now be able to view the game in the list of apps on your phone. To start the game and launch it, simply tap on it.

You unlock additional achievements as you win more games.

the 2019 Dream League Soccer game

The game is a soccer management sim that aids in creating and growing a squad to contend for top awards.


Recruit famous superstars like Gareth Bale to build your own Dream Team! As you advance through 6 Leagues and take the top spot in the elite division, choose your formation, hone your style, and face off against any team that stands in your path. Are you capable of succeeding?


Be ready for a challenging and compelling encounter created by tactically astute AI. Dream League Soccer is the ideal soccer bundle that captures the genuine essence of the beautiful game, featuring brand-new graphics, realistic animations, and 60 fps dynamic action (compatible devices only).


Your Dream Team competes against the top teams in the world in Dream League Online. To demonstrate that your team is the best, climb the ranks! In a variety of tournament styles, brand-new regular tournaments push your squad against the best. Claim victory to receive special rewards and medals.


Get the most recent Dream League Soccer Profile data files to gain unlimited coins, an updated stadium, and upgraded players. If you want to use official team uniforms, download the most recent DLS kits as well.


There are numerous versions of Dream League Soccer 2019 accessible, including the official version on Google Play Store that features in-app purchases. To download, install, and play DLS 19 Apk with all of its features and cheats is completely free. You can download this game from the allglobalupdates.com blog if the Play Store no longer has it available. So why are you still waiting? Save and delight. Applying terms and conditions