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DLS 18 Apk Mod OBB (Dream League Soccer 2018) Download

Latest DLS 2021 can be downloaded here. DLS 18 Apk OBB Data Mod is now accessible for Android phones and tablets if you insist on downloading the 2018 version, and we have a fresh free download link for it. With this edition of Dream League Soccer, cheats and tricks are available for free unlimited coins. You’ll appreciate it. Continue to read!

You can now easily download DLS 18 Apk on your Android devices because your favorite football game is now officially available for free. The official name of DLS 18, which is now ranked as one of the top soccer games for mobile devices, is Dream League Soccer 2018.

Here is the game’s brand-new, most recent edition for the calendar year 2018. Regardless of whether you want to download DLS 2018 apk, OBB, data, or other game coins, this page is for you.

Having played DLS 18 on my Android phone, I can attest that it has fantastic features, playing styles, and player characters, as well as real-time emotions on the field. In truth, playing this game generally makes me addicted, but with some maturity, I can recover.

Soccer Dream League 2018 DLS 18 Apk OBB Data Mod

The most popular game in the world is football. The newly added features in Dream League Soccer 2018 that you will probably love after downloading the game app are covered in this post.

Visit YouTube to get more tips and tricks on how to gain more limitless coins or additional button functions in the game if you’d like to learn more about the description and guide for the Dream League Soccer game. It is one of the most played football games on Android. To learn how to gain limitless coins on DLS 18, you can also look here.

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Keep in mind that the most recent version of DLS 18 is an offline game, therefore you must switch off your data connection when you play it to prevent data loss, unless you wish to play the online mod, which requires a data connection from your network.


  • with any top football clubs or teams you may be interested in, unlimited money (such as Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Chelsea etc)
  • This update adds various new features from the previous Dream League Soccer 2017 version, making it more appealing to gamers.
  • Referees can now penalize and give fouls to players who dive.
  • Referees are now able to call back a player after awarding advantages and issue appropriate cards.


has leaderboards and achievements on Google Play so you can see who is ranked first.
has competitions for 7 cups or more.
having the ability to build, alter, and control your own Dream Team.
Win games and trophies to earn more coins that may be used to upgrade the stadium, purchase players, treat fatigued or wounded players, and acquire players.
Team and individual player data has been updated.
On Android devices that support 15 API or higher, a quick download and installation are possible.
Make use of Google Play Cloud progress synchronization between devices
Has Realistic brand-new gaming feature with all-new graphics, lifelike animations, and 60 fps dynamic gameplay elements.
newer, more modern fields, boots, and uniforms.
was jam-packed with an exclusive new soundtrack by Sunset Sons, Maholo, Holy Oysters, Tobtok, and King Nun.
This version has been updated with a new global challenge cup trophy.

Teams and players have been added.

Fantastic athletes from the game included Neymar, Eden Hazard, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, David Silva, Robert Lewandowski, Mo Salah, Ngolo Kante, Suarez, Harry Kane, Pogba, David Luiz, and others.
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Title: DLS 18 Apk
2018 Version First Touch Developer Android 4.0 and newer is required for games.
432 MB game size
Reviewed on October 18, 2018
1,000,000+ downloads
App store purchases
Offline mode for games
Yes, multiplayer support
Game Review: 4.5/5


It’s no longer difficult to obtain this game because you no longer need to scour the internet for the DLS 18 apk’s free download link. Even other third-party websites are allowed to access the app legally through Playstore.

  • From this link on the Play Store, download DLS 18 Apk + OBB Data.
  • If you don’t have access to the Google Play Store, you can download from this link instead.
  • If the game was downloaded through the Play Store, there are no additional steps or files to extract; however, if the game was downloaded from a third-party source, you may require a program like ZArchiver to extract the game contents.
  • But keep in mind that to fully enjoy the game, you might need to download additional game files.


Dls 18 has multiplayer mode, a function that enables you to connect with friends and compete with them.

If you are not yet familiar with this feature, you may read my post on how to set up and activate the multiplayer mode on DLS 18.


I keep up with all the upgrades and versions of Dream League Soccer because it’s one of my favorite football games on mobile.

That brings to mind the fact that DLS 2019 is now available, so you can get DLS 19 for Android from this page.

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