Breaking: Tozo zashushwa, President Samia’s order is carried out

Breaking: Tozo zashushwa, President Samia’s order is carried out;- Minister of Finance and Planning Dr. Mwigulu Nchemba Today August 31,2021 has signed an amendment to the Electronic Payment Transfer Payment Regulations for 2021 and reduced transaction fee rates by 30% in line with President Samia’s directive to direct the review of levies. after hearing the cries of the people about the charges.

Breaking: Tozo zashushwa,

The government has also held talks with telephone service providers who have agreed to reduce the rates they charge in sending and withdrawing transactions between the internet and another network by 10%.

Tozo zashushwa

The reduced rates will be officially announced in Government Proclamation tomorrow September 01,2021 where the Government has said it believes the decision will provide relief to citizens and enable the Government to raise funds to implement various development projects as intended when the levies were approved and approved by the 2021 Budget Parliament / 2022.


News By Millard Ayo