The Mysterious Case of Tobuscus and What Happened to Him

Toby Turner, also known as Tobuscus, is a YouTube personality who was famous for his comedy sketches and gaming commentary. But in 2016, he suddenly disappeared from the internet without any warning. what happened to tobuscus

Tobuscus and What Happened to Him

In this article, we will explore what happened to Toby Turner and what it means for other YouTubers.

One of YouTube’s most popular stars from the early years, Toby Turner, also known as Tobuscus has been absent from social media for over a year. His fans have been longing for a comeback and his absence has lead to many rumours about his life.

Toby Turner, Also Known As Tobuscus
Toby Turner, Also Known As Tobuscus

The Unofficial Investigation of the Disappearance of Tobuscus

Tobuscus was a YouTube channel with over 3 million subscribers. It is one of the most popular channels on the site. The last video uploaded to the Tobuscus YouTube channel was a live stream from PAX East 2015 on April 11, 2015. After that, the account went silent for two years and it was assumed that he had been hacked or left for other reasons. However, in 2017, it was discovered that his YouTube channel had been deleted by YouTube due to copyright infringement claims.

The disappearance of Tobuscus has left many fans wondering what happened to him and what they can do to help him return.

Where is He?

Tobuscus and What Happened to Him

Tobuscus was a YouTube personality who was famous for his comedy videos. He had millions of followers on YouTube and was one of the most subscribed people on the site.

He then announced that he would be taking a break from YouTube to focus on other things in life. He said that he would be back in six months and that he would never stop making videos, but it has been over three years now and there is still no sign of him coming back.

The question is: where is Tobuscus?

Determining the Cause & Conclusion

A video was uploaded on YouTube with the title “Tobuscus Cancer Theory Debunked” where the narrator explained that he has been researching for a long time and found out what really happened to Tobuscus.

There are a few things that we can conclude from this video. One of them is that Tobuscus did not die of cancer but his family is keeping it a secret. Another one is that he faked his death and left to start a new life in Australia.