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NHIF Student Registration Portal

NHIF Student Registration Portal, QUICK GUIDE ON THE USE OF ONLINE NHIF STUDENT REGISTRATION PORTAL. The NHIF student registration portal is the self-service online portal that shall facilitate a student from a higher learning institution accredited by the fund to apply for an

NHIF card online without the necessity to physically visit one of our NHIF offices. Below is the quick steps guide that shall enable one to go through.

NHIF Student Registration Portal New

The portal can be reached at the following web address: https://verification.nhif.or.tz/sp

NHIF Student Registration Portal 2023/2024

The following are five steps to follow to use NHIF Student Registration Portal 2020/2021

1. Enter the specified browser into the web browser (Mozilla, Google chrome most preferably) and the following page shall appear.

2. Enter the Admission Number, Form IV Index Number, and Existing NHIF Card Number (optional, If the students possess the card through parent, guarding, etc)

3. Click the Search Button after filling in Admission Number, Form IV Index Number, and optional Existing NHIF Card Number. The portal shall display the basic information of the student whereby the student shall be required to fill in the rest of the information.

4. Fill in the College Name, Mobile Number, Email address and upload a Passport-sized photograph by clicking the browse button and select the desired photo.

5. Click the Submit button to complete the process.