Make Your Marketing Work for Your Business on Instagram

Make Your Marketing Work for Your Business on Instagram;- Using social media sites like Instagram to grow and market your business is a necessary step with an online business.

Every new entrepreneur is online trying to do the same thing, so how do you go about it and make sure your business stands out from the crowd? Here is how to make your marketing work for your business on Instagram.

Make Your Marketing Work for Your Business on Instagram

Set Up a Business Profile

This can be a tricky to do, as Facebook are relatively difficult to get customer support off. There are many FAQ sections and forums detailing the struggles you might face and how to overcome them. The important thing is that you get it done. With an Instagram business account, you have access to a multitude of free tools, software and addons that you otherwise would not have. This is a massive booster for your business marketing.

Use The Tools

It can be very tempting to go on using Instagram in the same way that you do for your personal account or that you did for your business before you switched to an official business account.

This will hold your marketing back. Go on your Instagram account and read and research the tools that you have available. For example, your analytic Insights software. You can see the people who are viewing and interacting with your posts in simple graphs. This means you can see when something is not working and alter it to make sure it is the perfect marketing for your business.

Show Off Your Products

It is so easy within a business to think that because you know everything about your business, that everyone else will. This is never the case. Potential customers want to see your products. They want to know what new stock you have or will get in soon and any products that are special in any way are just as inviting for consumers. Post images and videos letting your audience know that you have new products. A simple photo is all that is needed, with a few hashtags to get it started.

Branded Packaging and Business Cards

When customers order through Instagram, send them their purchases in packaging that represents your business. You don’t have to spend an enormous amount to brand it. If you have a small budget, you can even get business cards made to include instead. 

Take photos of your products next to your business cards. This way the customer sees the card as part of the brand. When they get one in their package, they will think they have got something for free when, in actuality it is just an advertisement for your business.

Budget for Advertisements

Make sure that you have enough money to send out sponsored advertisements.

 It doesn’t have to be every day, obviously, do what you can afford. The important thing is that you are targeting the right audience and putting your business out there to get seen.

Create adverts that are short video clips or well designed and professional images/posters. Do not waste your time and money on adverts that do not look like professional standard adverts, or your business will look at the same level as the advert.

Sponsored adverts are another way you can boost your marketing drive. When you get collaborations and sponsors, it makes your business look better in the eyes of the customers and gets you reaching a wider audience. They look classy and should always be made to the highest standard. Remember to use hashtags that work for the sponsor as well.

Marketing your business on Instagram can be a straightforward process as long as you have a keen eye for new ideas and a marketing plan in place.

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