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Chief Marketing Officer at Tigo Tanzania 2022

Chief Marketing Officer at Tigo Tanzania 2022;- This position is responsible for the Commercial Business Unit performance, reporting to the Managing Director. As the main Executive, you are responsible for the management of all resources in your unit as well as planning and execution of the company’s business strategy.

Chief Marketing Officer at Tigo Tanzania

Chief Marketing Officer 

Full Time

Dar es SalaamPosted 4 mins ago

Tanzania’s fastest growing telecom company.

Dar es Salaam  Full Time

End date to apply: 30/05/2022


This position is responsible for the Commercial Business Unit performance, reporting to the Managing Director. As the main Executive, you are responsible for the management of all resources in your unit as well as planning and execution of the company’s business strategy.

Job Vacancies At Tigo Tanzania
Job Vacancies At Tigo Tanzania

The Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for providing a clear strategic direction and vision, ensuring brand development and revenue generation from new/existing products, financial viability and sustainability as well as evolving Tanzania’s leading customer service organization through consistent focus on activities and behaviours which influence a positive customer experience and overall improvement of business performance.


by connecting, by owning, by delivering, by change and by vision. We live our values of trust, Passion, simplicity, integrity, and innovation.



  • Ensures that the team is equipped with adequate and appropriate resources for the execution of the strategy.
  • Takes an active role in the skills development of members of this team and that of the wider organization.
  • Creates succession plans for all critical positions.
  • Maintains and strengthens the short and long-term viability of the business in terms of key business performance metrics.
  • Exemplifies organisation culture and values and instills these in the team.
  • Ensures continuous, clear and precise communication between the Commercial and other departments.
  • Provides tactical guidance to the team and ensures that staff have clear roles and are executing to an excellent standard.
  • Recruits, trains/develops, mentors and retains the best resources and endorse the best talent for key positions in the organization.


  • Responsible for defining and positioning commercial strategies and tactics to ensure commercial objectives are achieved.
  • Responsible for developing, initiating and following up quantitative & qualitative market research campaigns.
  • Recommend promotional cost budget and ensures that promotional cost does not exceed approved budget.
  • Responsible for measuring the efficiency of specific marketing campaigns from quantitative and qualitative aspect.
  • Develop methods to establish, develop & improve customer interface and consumer product marketing.
  • Forecast potential sales per segment, through research or client purchasing power, identifying customer needs and taking into account the competitive environment.
  • Ensure marketing activities are compliant with applicable laws.
  • Communicate the organization’s culture and image to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Develop the business plan and strategies to ensure high levels of customer support, complaint resolution and service delivery for new products and services.
  • Develop strategies for Customer Retention management.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the strategies (People, Customer support & Retention).
  • Manage risk pertaining to the department.
  • Identifies and communicates key factors impacting short and medium-term results and develops tactical plans to maintain or improve performance.
  • Ensures the strategic objectives of the business is communicated clearly to the customers and partners and the Brand and Communications objectives are met.
  • Ensures that Resources are allocated for the successful execution of the business Strategy as agreed at the beginning of each financial year.
  • Provides clear strategic direction to the team and motivates them to achieve targets.
  • Develops a robust plan to optimize the development of the Commercial product portfolio.
  • Improve NPS (Net Promoter Score) – CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), or other Customer Metric.
  • Improve key Customer Service metrics, e.g: Cost to serve, First Call Resolution, etc.
  • Identify new tools and technologies to better serve customers.
  • Become the voice of Customers in the organization.


  • Works with the Regional Commercial team to align on key priorities for the business.
  • Oversees execution of product roadmap that responds to customer needs.
  • Ensures execution of relevant and timely marketing campaigns and branding in collaboration with the Head of Marketing that adheres to the Global Brand Principles.
  • Ensures an active Product Innovation process is maintained to deliver products and services that promote organisation’s competitiveness in the market.
  • Develops products that promote superior customer experience and enhances the value perspective of customers and the overall growth of the business.
  • Ensure close collaboration with the Consumer Understanding team to understand drivers of product adoption and performance, customer segmentation for targeted product development and other market related drivers.
  • Stimulate innovation and consumer focus throughout the operations.
  • Design, validate and authorize all the components of the category performance, such as all offer feasibility and plans, process, subsidies, devices, blueprints, roadmap, CAPEX and others.


  • Manages and monitors all operational aspects of the business unit.
  • Ensures accurate documentation of all policies and processes and optimizes the efficiency of these processes.
  • Collaborates with other business units to ensure effective customer support with effective escalations to Product Owners.
  • Promote awareness and ensure collaboration between departments in the development of products and processes.


  • Optimizes CAPEX returns to protect and increase the market position.
  • Optimizes gross margin by proactively monitoring and managing products to maximize profitability.
  • Comprehensively understands all costs and revenue levers of the business unit.
  • Develops and administers the annual budget and five-year plan.


  • University degree in marketing, communication, engineering and/or business administration.
  • Preferably an MBA or Master Degree.
  • At least 10 years’ experience in management and leadership in MNC or technology related companies on a national level in a fast-paced and dynamic business environment, preferably working as director and demonstrate a successful record of accomplishing and exceeding goals in these managerial positions.
  • A suitable candidate will also demonstrate experience working in a financial and strategic planning position.
  • Capable of passing down clear and concise messages and establishing and maintaining relationships on behalf of the business.
  • Must demonstrate keen interest in drawing inferences form raw data and information and capable of conducting standard performance, market, and competitive analysis.
  • Highly technologically adept and possess an understanding of software systems, practice management systems, distribution networks and platforms.
  • Highly passionate and customer oriented with a passion for interacting with others, a strong commitment to delivering excellence to consumers, and have a sense of urgency and resourcefulness.
  • Quality conscious and ability to handle numerous tasks and meet tight deadlines and demonstrate composure in times of uncertainty and inspiring the same to the team.
  • Proven and successful experience providing innovative strategies that have immensely increased revenue, usage penetration and consumer experience.

“We are committed to equal employment opportunities and unbiased treatment of all individuals in all employment practices”. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted”.