Black Proto Drake

The Black Proto-Drake is a rare mount in the MMORPG World of Warcraft. It is a dragon-like mount that is characterized by its black scales and wings.
The Black Proto-Drake is a highly sought-after mount due to its rarity and unique appearance, and is considered a symbol of status and prestige among players.

Black Proto Drake

To obtain the Black Proto-Drake, players must first complete a series of challenging achievements and quests. These achievements and quests will vary depending on the specific expansion pack and patch in which the mount is available.

Black Proto Drake
Black Proto Drake

Features of the Black Proto-Drake

Some key features of the Black Proto-Drake include:

Unique Appearance: The Black Proto-Drake has a distinctive black and purple color scheme, and is adorned with intricate detailing and glowing purple eyes.

High Speed: The Black Proto-Drake is one of the fastest mounts in World of Warcraft, making it a popular choice for players who value speed.

Rarity: The Black Proto-Drake is a rare mount that is only obtainable through the quest line mentioned above. This makes it a highly sought-after item for many players.

Flying Mount: The Black Proto-Drake is a flying mount, which allows players to fly through the air and travel quickly across the game world.

Once the necessary achievements and quests have been completed, players will be able to purchase the Black Proto-Drake from a vendor for a large sum of in-game currency. Alternatively, players may be able to purchase the mount from other players through the game’s auction house or on the open market.

Overall, the Black Proto-Drake is a rare and highly coveted mount in World of Warcraft that is prized for its unique appearance and status symbol. Obtaining the mount requires a significant amount of time and effort, but the rewards of owning such a rare and sought-after mount are well worth it for many players.