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Amouranth Husband; Twitch Streamer Amouranth

Amouranth Husband; Twitch Streamer Amouranth ; Amouranth is a popular Twitch streamer and content creator known for her live streams of Just Dance, fitness, and ASMR content. She has amassed a large following on the platform and has been featured in several articles and interviews.

In addition to streaming on Twitch, Amouranth also has a presence on other social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. She is known for her energetic and engaging personality and has built a community of loyal fans around her content.

Amouranth Husband; Twitch Streamer

Amouranth reveals to her audience during a live over the weekend that she has gotten married in secret. Even though she never says her husband’s name, she calls him on the phone while the stream is playing, and he continually screams and shouts at her,

nearly bringing her to tears. Amouranth says he threatened to kill her dogs over the phone if she didn’t perform a 24-hour webcast.

“I did not say that, though. You’re simply being an f-king liar right now, “She cries as a result of what he says to her.

Amouranth claims that she concealed their marriage (at his urging) in order to preserve her online persona since it would “ruin the business strategy.”

She also claims that he had sought counseling in the past for his actions, with the therapist supposedly labeling him as engaging in “psychological abuse” for doing so.

She claims, “I’m essentially living in a luxurious prison.”

Reddit users have also provided videos of her demonstrating the actual physical harm done to her house, including smashed doors and dented walls.

According to other abuse claims, Amouranth’s husband allegedly threatened her on numerous occasions by saying he would spend a lot of their money, invest it in cryptocurrencies, and leave her with “just $1 million.” Although this may sound like a lot of money, Amouranth is said to earn up to $1.7 million every month from a variety of sources, including Twitch and her OnlyFans.

Additionally, she provided screenshots of texts in which he threatened to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if she didn’t call him right away.

Amouranth returned to her platform to reassure her audience that she is fine after going down for a few days after her devastating stream. After seeing the results of his actions on the livestream, she said that she is “seeking legal and emotional assistance,” and that her husband is doing the same.

Amouranth also reaffirmed her safety and that she can now access her money and social media accounts.

“I have hope for the future and am content to be free. I’m relieved the dogs are safe “She addressed the crowd.


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