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SJUT Online application 2022/2023 – How to apply to St. John’s University

SJUT Online application 2022/2023 – How to apply to St. John’s University of Tanzania SJUT [Step by step guide]. The much-awaited time has come, SJUT admission season 2022/2023 and this is one of the most important times of the year for students who wish to pursue their undergraduate studies at St John University in Tanzania (SJUT).

SJUT Online application 2022/2023 – How to apply to St. John’s University of Tanzania

This is the time of the year that determines the student’s future, thus students are advised to avoid making mistakes during this time. To make things clear, TCU University has prepared the 2022/2023 Admissions Guide as a tool to guide students in the admission process, if you haven’t read the TCU Admissions Guide yet, check this link here for 2022/2023 Undergraduate Admissions Guide.

St. John’s University in Tanzania SJUT Online Application System – SJUT Online Admission System.

As a result of the increase in the number of students applying to St. John’s University in Tanzania, the student admission process has become more complex as interested learners come from different geographical locations, applying for a myriad of subjects.

In this case, it becomes increasingly difficult to deal with such a large volume of student admission with traditional methods. This has increased the need to use technology and adapt the online admission management system.

Therefore, St. John’s University of Tanzania (SJUT) is among the educational institutions in Tanzania that have adopted the use of the online admission system to process student applications. St. John’s University of Tanzania SJUT Online Admission System; Online software designed to manage processes related to SJUT admission (SJUT Online Applications). using this system; Students can simply apply for the courses they are interested in online.

In this post you will learn in detail: How to Create an SJUT Online Admission Account, How to Login to Your SJUT Login Account and Apply Online at Saint John University in Tanzania, How to Pay the SJUT Application Fee Online, You will also be able to understand all Important requirements for successful admission to SJUT.

Things to consider before applying online at St. John’s University of Tanzania (SJUT).

Consider the following things for a smooth and error-free SJUT Online application

  1. Make sure you have read the TCU Guidebook 2022/2023 carefully: you can check this link for more details about the TCU admission guidebook 2022/2023.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the SJUT admission requirements: Before making an application, make sure you have read and understood the SJUT admission requirements, follow this link to find out more details about SJUT admission requirements.
  3. Make a full list of programs/courses you are going to apply for at the St. John’s University of Tanzania (SJUT).
  4. Make sure you have a valid and working email address that you will use later while registering your SJUT online application account through the SJUT Online Application system.
  5. Make sure you have a valid phone number, as it will be used for all important notification in the future (Notification about your Selection status and verification code will be sent to this number)
  6. Prepare your SJUT online application fee: Before starting the application, the process makes sure you have a 10000 TZS Application fee on your mobile money.

How to apply for various Undergraduate programs via SJUT Online Application  – SJUT Online Application System.

Here we have all the instructions on how to apply for undergraduate degree programs at St. John’s University in Tanzania via the SJUT online application system.Capture 11

Note: To facilitate your application, it is recommended to use supported web browsers. Here is a list of supported web browsers for the SJUT Online Application System:

  1. Google Chrome.
  2. Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Opera.
  4. Microsoft Edge.

Instructions on how to apply for various programs at SJUT through St. John’s University of Tanzania SJUT OAS  

  • Step #1: Visit the SJUT website and click on the online application link for undergraduate students or postgraduate applicants,
  • Step #2: Registration; after clicking the link on step one above, it will direct you to SJUT online application system, form where you should fill in all the required information,  If you are a First-time applicant then you need to get registered first, First-time applicants are applicants that have not used the SJUT online application system before and have no accounts to enable them to log in to the system using their username and passwords. The information needed during registration stage includes your name, O-Level number, email, password, type of programme you are applying, and your qualification mode.
  • Step #3: Log in to SJUT online application and provide your basic information. It includes things like your sex, marital status, date of birth, among others. Existing applicants are applicants who have completed Registration in this system before and were able to create accounts to enable them to log in to the system using their username and password. These applicants can log in to the system anytime
  • Step #4: Application fee payments: When logged in applicant will be able to make an application fee payment and complete the application.
  • Step #5: The Online application, online application and course selection feature will only be visible for filling once application fee is paid.
  • Step #6: Submit your completed application: In order to successfully complete the application; applicant is required to complete all steps from Home to Submit your application.

Deadline and Application fee

Undergraduate Applicants

  •  Date:  The application window will be open from August 31
  •  Application Fee: 10000/=
  • Successful applicants will be notified by the end of September,

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