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Mubs Online Registration – Makerere University, Makerere University – Mubs Online Registration. Makerere University Business School Online Registration Please Note That; This Only Applies To Continuing Students And First Year (Second-semester) Students. This Does Not Apply To First Year (First Semester) Students; Re-take Students, Dead Year Students. This Is Because Of The Physical Verification That Is Done In The First Semester.

History of the University of Makerere Business School

The School of Business and Management Sciences (COBAMS) is one of the 8 Faculties of Makerere University and was formed as a merger between the School of Economics and Management (FEMA) and the Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics (ISAE). The merger came on the heels of the 2008 University Board Recommendation that required all colleges and institutes to explore and implement college formation, as part of strategies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall organization and administration of Makerere University.

Mubs Online Registration Steps

  • Click i-Enabler
  • Go to Registered users and enter your Student Number.
  • Enter PIN number or if you have not previously logged on entering 12345 logins.
  • Go to the Student Web on the left panel and click Academic Registration.
  • Read the Rules and Regulations and you must accept them.
  • Click Qualifications
  • Click the year 2011. Then click Register for Qualification and save
  • Go to the left hand and click Subject
  • Complete Subject Registration by Selecting subjects from the list provided and save. Repeat until you exhaust all subjects for Semester Two.
  • Click to Remove the subject in case you selected this subject in error.
  • Click on Proof of Registration, to confirm that all subjects appear, and then click on print-friendly format at the bottom to print.
  • Congratulation! You have successfully completed your online Registration.
  • Take the Proof of Registration to the Registrar in the College in charge of Registration to stamp and then you sign the Register.
  • For any Problems please consult your Registrar in the College in charge of Registration.
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