Low-stress Jobs That Pay Well Without A Degree

Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well
Low-stress Jobs That Pay Well

 You’ve got a lot going on. You’re juggling jobs, school, and all the other stuff that comes along with being a millennial. That’s why we’re here to help you find that job that won’t stress you out too much but will still pay well.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite low-stress jobs for those who want to work without having to go back to college or get another degree!

Low-stress Jobs That Pay Well Without A Degree

Job Median Pay per Year Outlook
Web Developer $77,200* 13%*
Digital Designer $77,200* 13%*
Lodging Manager $56,670 9%
Computer Support Specialist $55,510 9%
Medical Records Specialist $45,240 9%
Massage Therapist $43,620 32%
Costume Attendant $42,910 44%
Travel Agent $42,350 5%
Photographer $41,280 17%
Skincare Specialist $36,510 29%

What Is a Job with Low Stress?

A job that doesn’t cause a lot of mental or physical stress is considered to be low stress. Many people work better in environments with little stress. Opportunities for creative work, family time, and even travel are available in low-stress careers.

Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well
Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well

What Do Jobs With Low Stress Pay?

Low-stress positions are compensated based on the complexity of the work required. A medical record specialist, for instance, makes an average salary of $45,240 per year and organizes patient data.

The median annual salary for a web developer, who creates and maintains websites, is $77,200. Because becoming a web developer only requires a high school diploma and a few specialized skills, it is thought that working as a web developer is a low-stress occupation. These abilities can be learned on one’s own or acquired through courses or bootcamps.

What Qualifications Are Necessary to Land a Low-Stress Job?

Skills in Communication

It’s critical to have good communication skills in order to comprehend and convey instructions in a variety of stressful jobs. Utilizing communication tools like video calls, email, and instant messaging is a requirement for many jobs. To function effectively in any industry, one must also possess fundamental reading and writing abilities.

Enthusiasm and Initiative

Enthusiastic self-starters are highly sought after in today’s workplace culture. You can solve issues in which you have no prior experience if you have initiative. Any job can benefit from having resourcefulness, but high-paying jobs without degrees in particular.

Collaboration Mentality

To cooperate with others and work effectively, you need these skills. All types of workers must participate in real or virtual collaborative environments. The effectiveness of the entire organization is increased by responsiveness and initiative.

What Training Is Required for a Low-Stress Job?

Without a degree, you can obtain a high-paying, low-stress job with a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) certificate. Some jobs that don’t require a degree still call for postsecondary training. Schools offering vocational training, continuing education centers, and apprenticeship certificates are some of your options.

Why Not Everyone Should Attend College

Due to the fact that many people have obligations that take up the majority of their time, college is not for everyone. When they are caring for their families or working a full-time job, they cannot commit to a regular college schedule. Additionally, moving or having a long commute are frequent requirements for formal education at a college.

The price of college is another major deterrent for some people. A degree does not always translate into a well-paying job or a job in your field of interest in today’s competitive job market, and attending college is expensive. Some people favor a more practical setting with a quick return on investment, like bootcamps and apprenticeships.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Aid Me in Securing a Job with Low Stress?

Yes, without a degree, a coding bootcamp can help you land a high-paying, low-stress job. Six months after graduating, between 74 and 90 percent of coding bootcamp students will find employment. This is due to the fact that a bootcamp’s main objective is to arm students with the most recent, employable knowledge and skills.

How to Get a GED and a Job with Little Stress

Determine your advantages and disadvantages.

Determine your advantages and disadvantages before choosing a position. Analyze your ability to handle stress and your adaptability to working in various environments. Include a list of the skills you can offer a potential employer.

Search online job boards for positions with little stress.

Look through online job offers and listings in your area. Find the positions that fit your skills and are less stressful. If you want to know if there are likely to be more job opportunities in the field, look at the median pay for the position and its growth outlook.

Investigate the employer

Learn the goals and objectives of the organization you want to work for. You want to work for a company that provides employees with stress management programs. Find employers who show an interest in the mental well-being of their employees.

Create a powerful resume.

Spend some time crafting a resume that will stand out. Mention your qualifications, prior work experience, and any honors or achievements. For your abilities to come across on your resume, it must be strong. You must demonstrate your ability to perform the job without a college degree. For many jobs, experience may be more valuable than a degree.

Send your resume.

Fill out and submit your application as soon as you can. Look for recently posted jobs. Older job postings are probably already filled with candidates, or the position might not even be open. Make sure you have fulfilled all the application requirements, including providing additional materials like a portfolio.

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