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Bsu Students Portal Login | Vle Bsu Ac Ug Login – Bishop Stuart University

Bsu Students Portal Login | Vle Bsu Ac Ug Login – Bishop Stuart University, download, VLE BSU Login, VLE Login.

Bishop Stewart University (BSU) is a chartered private, not-for-profit university established by the Ancol Archdiocese in the Anglican Church District of Uganda.

BSU traces its humble beginnings from Bishop Tucker Theological College Mukono which was established in 1913 as a regular school and over the years has evolved into the Christian University of Uganda in 1992. The regular school was moved to Ruharo, next to Mbarara High School in 1952 under Rev Hugh F. Hodge who founded the second-class teacher training college, known as Bishop Stewart College in Cakuba.

From 1952-1981 Bishop Stuart College trained second and third grade teachers. In 1982 the college was moved to Kipengo in Rwampara, making way for the National Teachers College, Cakuba, to train diploma teachers for primary and secondary schools.

In March 2002, the Ancol Archdiocese decided to establish a university on Cakuba Hill, called Bishop Stewart University.
In April 2004, Bishop Stuart University became affiliated with Uganda Christian University, Mukono and through this affiliation, Uganda Christian University started awarding degrees, diplomas and certificates to students of Bishop Stuart University.

The University of Bishop Stuart is licensed by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and has been allowed to award degrees, diplomas, and certificates starting in the academic year 2006/7, until 2014 when the Bishop Stuart University obtained its charter from NCHE, which means from now at the University Bishop Stuart University, any graduate and undergraduate degree can be awarded in any discipline as long as it is accredited by NCHE



Kakoba, Mbarara. 3½km from Mbarara City- Buremba Road

Telephone:+ (+256) 707200703

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Bsu Students Portal Login | Vle Bsu Ac Ug Login

Bsu Students Portal Login | Vle Bsu Ac Ug Login – Bishop Stuart University

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The vision of Bishop Stuart University is to be a university to re-create African society with academic excellence, entrepreneurship, and Christian values.


The mission is to produce multi-sector leaders / operators who know the way, show the way, and go on the road.


Generating comprehensive knowledge while building service personality by guiding the community in innovative and relevant skills selected in scientific, social, political and economic transformation.


Research on the generation and preservation of knowledge through teaching and research.
To create awareness for all who have been admitted to the university and to provide the necessary arrangements for the advancement and stimulation of intellectual life in Uganda and the world at large.
Offering courses relevant to the needs of all people in the struggle for development in a holistic approach where men and women will develop their full potential, academically, spiritually and physically, making them productive in their societies.
To provide Christian morals and universal moral values ​​that will be the basis of personal and interpersonal relationships.