KCPE Results 2022/2023 Online, Result Slip Download, Top Schools, Top Students, Cheating Cases, Cancelled KCPE Results, Release Date, KNEC Official Portal | All Global Updates

KCPE Results 2022/2023 Online, Result Slip Download, Top Schools, Top Students, Cheating Cases, Cancelled KCPE Results, Release Date, KNEC Official Portal

KCPE Results 2022/2023 Online, Result Slip Download, Top Schools, Top Students, Cheating Cases, Cancelled KCPE Results, Release Date, KNEC Official Portal PDf Download. 2022/2023 KCPE Results Knec List of Top 200 Schools and Candidates per County and Region as of March 2023 Edition.

How to check kcpe results 2022/2023 | kcpe 2022 results Welcome reader of allglobalupdates.com, today we brought you this post with all the information about kcpe results in kenya announced today 28th March 2022.

KCPE Results 2022/2023 Online

Just released the March 2022 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination results! You can find the KCPE 2022 Top 100 Schools and Candidates list here. To access the Knec Portal,

 This will provide a detailed and comprehensive analysis of March 2022 KCPE results for all schools and counties once the CS Education announces them.

How to get the KNEC KCPE Exam results 2022/2023 by SMS/Online. Results per County, Top Schools, Top Candidates, Cheating Cases, Cancelled.

KCPE 2022/2023 Results Release

George Magoha (Education CS) will publish the KCPE results 2022 by March 25, 2022 at the latest. This was announced by the CS on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 after the KCPE exams had ended. The Ministry of Education registered 1,225,693 students to take the Exam between March 7 and March 9 2022. Candidates were tested in 9 papers and examined in 7 subjects. 

Kcpe Results
Kcpe Results

Once the candidates have received their results, the Form One Selection exercise will be completed for all schools immediately. This will allow the form 1 intake to take place at the end or beginning of May 2022.

The government, in partnership with The Equity Bank Foundation, will offer the Elimu Scholarship Program to poor students. There are 9000 spots available. 

How to check KCPE results 2022/2023 online and via SMS

Send an SMS with your Index number and the word KCPE (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX KCPE), to 20076 to Safaricom and Telkom networks.

You can view the KCPE results for 2022/2023 online at this link ….. Search for your KCPE Results 2022/2023 – HERE

How to download 2022/2023 KCPE result slips online for candidates

The results will be collected by the school headmasters from sub-county education offices so that the candidates can finally collect them at the education centres. You can also access the KCPE results portal via this link http://www.knec-portal.ac.ke/


  1. Click the link to visit the KNEC school portal.
  2. Enter the Username and Password you used to register for KCPE 2021.
  3. You will find several boxes once you are inside the portal. You will first need to input the index number for the first candidate in the box marked ‘FROM INDEX.’ Then, you can go to the box labeled ‘TO INDEXNUMBER’ and enter the index number for the last candidate. Click on “VIEW REPORT”.
  4. Wait for the result slips load. Once all the slips have been loaded, click on the menu labeled ‘EXPORT’.
  5. Choose the format that you want to export the KCPE Result slips. Choose from ‘WORD’ and ‘PDF’ formats.
  6. You can download the KCPE Result Slips to your computer for offline storage.
  7. The result slips can be printed after downloading. 

These are the Top Candidates at KCPE 2022/2023

Top candidates in KCPE results 2021/2022
Position Name School County Marks Gender
1 Mumo Faith Kawii Kari Mwailu Primary school Makueni 433 Female

KCPE 2022 Results

Education CS George Magoha has released the 2020 KCPE Results. 1,179,192 students were registered for KCPE 2020. 1,187,517 candidates took the KCPE Examination March 2021. Candidates were tested in 9 papers and examined in 7 subjects.

Although 12,000 candidates didn’t sit for the KCPE Exams, their performance was impressive. All candidates who have received their results will be able to transfer to secondary school.

All categories of schools will have Form One Selection starting.

Kcpe Results
Kcpe Results

The government, in partnership with The Equity Bank Foundation, will offer poor students an elimu scholarship program. 9000 slots are available. 

These are the top candidates

  1. Mumo Faith Kawii, Karimwailu Primary school with 433 marks
  2. Yumbet Wesonga Nanzala for Chogoria Girls, with 432 marks
  3. Muriithi Gakenia Angel has 432 marks
  4. Wanyonyi Samuel has 431 marks
  5. Castrol Williams, 431 marks
  6. Tarus Chepkemboi Maureen, 431 marks
  7. Kipkurui Abiud – 430 marks
  8. Mwangi Waruguru, 429 marks
  9. Dennis Omondi, 429 marks
  10. Kiogora Joyce Nakatha with 429 marks
  11. Daniel Chris Mboya, 428 marks

In the News 2022 The KCPE Exams results for 2020 candidates will be published on the 15th April 2021 if all goes according to plan. This announcement was made by Prof George Magoha, Education CS. He also stated that if there are any changes to the results, they will be released by his office to all members of the public.

Any delay may be caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic Movement Restriction in certain counties, which meant that some examiners were unable to attend the marking centers. Some others did not show up because of their concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Professor George Magoha noted, however, that these mishaps did not affect the KCPE exam marking schedule and that Ministry of Education had done all it could to ensure that the results were as scheduled. 

Only the marking of Kiswahili Insha (and English Composition) was complete by Monday 6 April 2021.

KCPE 2019: Top Candidates

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KCPE 2019: Top Candidates

Below is a list of 100 most improved KCPE candidates in the 2019 KCPE Exams. You will also find the 2019 KCPE Results of the best/top Schools per County, the top schools nationally in the KCPE Results 2019, top schools in every county, top/best students/candidates nationally/countrywide!

Andy Michael Munyiri, Damacrest School in Thogoto, was the top KCPE 2019 Exam candidate. He scored 440 marks. There was a tie for second place between three candidates, Flavian Onyango from Chakol Girls Primary School in Busia, June Cheptoo Koech from Sang’aro Central Girls, and Sean Michael Ndung’u at Kitengela International Schools, who all scored 439 Marks.

This was the performance distribution in 2019.

  1. 400-500 Marks – 9,770 Candidates
  2. 301- 399 Marks – 243,320 Candidates
  3. 201 – 299 marks – 586 886 candidates
  4. 101 – 199 Marks — 262,307 Candidates
  5. 0 – 100 marks – 1,173 applicants

In 2019, 2407 students with special disabilities took the KCPE exam. The 414 mark was the highest score by a student with special needs. The scores of 211 candidates ranged from 300 to 400.

KCPE Results 2021 per County, Top Schools, Top Students/Candidates

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The 2018 KCPE Results Release

Today, 19 November 2018, Education CS Amina Mohammed at the Star of the Sea Primary School in Mombasa released the KCPE Results 2018. The placement of students for form one vacancies begins on Monday, 3 December 2018.

All pupils must know where they are placed by the time holiday euphoria hits. This is so that proper funds capitation can be made for free Secondary Schools in 2019. Students who took the KCPE 2018 exam will be able to transfer to secondary school, marking 100% transition. There will only be one selection process, there will not be an extension or a second intake.

Students and parents can then immediately begin the form One Selection online using instructions and procedure from this link – Form 1 Selection 2019 Guidelines

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The total number of applicants was 1,0520 364 in 2018. The total number of candidates was 1,0520,364. The total for girls was 525,070 which is 49.9%.

In English, Kiswahili, and sign language tests, girls outperformed the boys. Boys excelled in Sciences, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Religious Studies. Half of the candidates received more than 250 marks.

Results of KCPE 2018 Top Students

Two students shared the top spot in 2018 with 453 marks out 500 marks. These are Olive Mwea from Riara Group of Schools, and Rawlings Odhiambo from Kakamega Hills.

In 2018, 12,273 candidates scored 400 or more, compared to 9,846 marks in 2017. The 446 mark was the highest score for special needs students.

The following scores can be obtained:

  • 228,414 candidates received between 301 and 399 marks
  • 574,927 candidates scored between 200 and 300 marks
  • 234,573 candidates received between 101 and 200 marks
  • 2,177 candidates received between 1 and 100 marks

How to check KCPE 2018 Results via SMS or Online

Send an SMS to 076 with your Index Number for Safaricom and Telkom networks.

You can view the KCPE 2018 results online at this link ….. Search for your KCPE 2018 Results –

The results will be collected by the school headmasters from sub-county education office for candidates to collect in the education centers. They can also access to the KCPE results portal from this link http://www.knec-portal.ac.ke/

Top Candidate in KCPE 2017

The highest candidate received 455 marks out of 500, an 18-mark improvement on last year’s 437.

9.846 candidates scored 400 or more out of 500 among the 1,003,556 applicants who took the exam.

All candidates over 400 points and more would be admitted to national secondary schools, regardless of whether they took the exams at a public or private exam centre.

Dr Matiang’i stated that there were no irregularities during the exams or during marking.

KCPE 2018 Top Candidate

The highest candidate in KCPE 2018 results scored 437 out of 500 possible marks. Education CS Fred Matiang’i noted with interest that this candidate could not have ranked higher than 90 candidates in 2016’s KCPE Results.

The number of candidates who scored 400 marks in the KCPE 2016 exam was 5190, compared to 7560 in 2015 KCPE. This represents a 31% decrease in students scoring 400 or more marks.

One of the special needs students was 1,950, and scored 421 points.

Cheating in 2018 Results of KCPE

KCPE 2018 results showed that none of the papers were leaked, as all attempts at leakage were stopped. Education CS Amina Mohamed stated that exam cheating was ridiculed by Kenyans seeking employment locally and internationally due to their poor examination credentials.

The Education Ministry spent a lot of money to secure the exam process. Extras are a cost-benefit tradeoff.

The cost of exam administration is justified in comparison to the shame and ridicule that Kenyans have experienced previously.

Only four exam cancellations were made in 2018 by KCPE due to impersonation. Candidates will be permitted to retake the exam next year.

KCPE 2017 results showed that there was no cheating, leakage or cancellation. There were 21 malpractices in Wajir County, where teachers were caught using their cellphones to try to answer candidates. The security officers were able to safely leave all the cellphones behind, so the potential answers ended up with them.

Mrs Macharia, TSC CEO, noted that the exercise was 99 percent successful due to the incorporation of ICT in the marking process as well as the excellent partnership between various education sectors.

Pregnancy cases during KCPE Exam 2018

The exam will not be retaken for pregnant girls. 32 teachers were deregistered in October after being found to have caused the pregnancies.

Nancy Macharia, TSC CEO, stated that private schools must employ teachers who are registered with TSC and have TSC numbers. This is to ensure that all school teachers adhere to the TSC Code of Conduct.

Ranking of Schools in KCPE 2018, Top Schools, Results per County

2018 will not see a ranking of schools. Although a law was passed for ranking schools in October 2016, it was not yet legislated by the Education Ministry. The next year, ranking will be back

Students who score above 400 will be admitted to the National Schools of their Choice

Headteachers will receive support, encouragement, and well-deserved remuneration

This however appears to be the beginning for the KCPE Examinations after the transformation of Kenya’s Education System from the old 8-4-4 to the new 2-6-3-3-3-3.

Download the 2018 KCPE Result Slip and Print it

KCPE 2021 Results, online, Result Slip, Top Schools, Top Students KNEC Online Cheating, Cancelled Results, Form One Selection

The Kenya National Examination Council reminds pupils and parents to inspect the KCPE Result Slip for any irregularities. This includes incorrect candidate names, school names, codes, as well as incorrect subject grades. KNEC will notify them within one month of the announcement.

KNEC official website www.knec-portal.ac.ke

The official website to check your KCPE Results 2018 is www.knec-portal.ac.ke. This is the KNEC online portal, which will be used by Principals and Headmasters to download and print the result Slips.

Remarkable KCPE Results

If the candidate feels the results received did not match what they expected, the KNEC will accept the request for KCPE remarking. The candidate must submit the request to remark within 30 (Thirty-Five) days of the release date. The fee for remarking is Ksh. 1000.

The Council may make comments on scripts upon written request from the headteachers who have presented the candidate.

Private candidates may request to be remarked upon by the Provincial Directors of Education, the District Education Officers of Ministry of Education, or by the candidate physically present at Mitihani House (KNEC Headquarters), where they will need to complete a form.

The Council will only remark scripts if the headteacher requesting it gives satisfactory reasons for doing so.

Any request to remark may be rejected by the Council if, in its view, there is no strong case for it.

We have also provided a complete list of KCPE Top Performing Schools by Region and County that are likely make a comeback in this year’s KCPE results. Below is the complete list.

KCPE 2021/2022 Top Ten Candidates and Their Schools Per County- Mombasa,

Based on the 2021 KCPE Results, the Top 3 Primary Schools in Mombasa County (KCPE-2021 Results) for the 2020 class are:

Name of school and Knec code

1. Kenya Navy Academy School- Chaka Derrick 435

2. Nyali Primary School-Maki Hanifa Makena 427,

Results of the KCPE

  • Mogotio Little Friends Academy School Results…
  • Kings Hill Academy School, KCPE Results 2021-2022 – KCPE…
  • Ravine Green View Academy School, KCPE Results 2021-2022
  • MM Shah Primary school KCPE results 2021-2022: KCPE…
  • Maseno Girls Boarding Secondary School KCPE Results 2021-2022 :…

3. Manna Good News Academy- Lucas Laura Luria 427

KCPE 2021/2022 The Top 10 Candidates and Their Schools Per County- Embu,

Based on the 2021 KCPE results for the 2020 class, these are the Top 3 Primary Schools in Embu County (KCPE-2021 Results):

Name of school and Knec code

1. Kubu Kubu Primary school- Kaheti Judy 424

2. St. Peter’s Ishiara School- George Ruguru 423,

3. Embu Shepherd Academy- Nadia Nerissa 420

KCPE 2020 Top 100 Candidates’ Details

Faith Mumo was a candidate for Kari-mwailu Elementary School, a public, state-owned institution in Makueni County. FaithMumo scored 433 out of 500 marks, which is 7 points less than the KCPE 2019 Top Candidat.


Faith Mumo expected a better performance during a Citizen TV live interview on April 15.

She wants to attend Kenya High School, her dream school.

Yvette Wesonga Nagala of Chogoria Girls tied with Muriithi Gakenia from Maseno Girls Primary Boarding School for the second place. Both girls won 432 out of 500 total marks.

NOTE: Three of the top three KCPE 2020 candidates were girls. These students were educated in public primary schools and took their exams. This is a strong indicator that children from these schools can still succeed.

Other KCPE 2020/2021 Candidates who made it onto the Top 15 IN 2021 List include:

Wanyonyi Samuel Makhanu, Nzoia Sugar Company’s fourth-ranked candidate, scored 431 points. He tied with Castro Williams from Crystal Hill Academy, and Tarus Chepkemboi Laureen at St. Mathews Septonok.

Kipkirui Abiud, a Lessos Hills Adventist member, ranked 7th with 430 marks. Mwangi Margret Warrenuguru from KaratinaDEB was close behind him, scoring 429 marks. Position 8 had a tie too. Margret Waruguru was tied with Bernice Checed Ommondi, Nairobi Primary, right next to Harambee House and Kiogora Joy Nkatha, Chogoria Girls.

Kcpe Results
Kcpe Results

Five candidates were competing for the position 11 national spot, scoring 428 out of 500. These were Njenga Lowell Mwagambo from Emmanuel Springs Academy, Daniel Chris Mboya from Crystal Hill Academy and Jeff Mutugi of Fred’s Academy. They also received 428 marks out of 500.

Please visit our Schools Portal to see the complete details of how primary schools in Kenya performed in the KCSE 2021 Knec examinations. You will find the contact information for each school as well as location and KCSE performance analysis.

To instantly access the details, click

Are you looking for 2021 KCSE or 2021 KCPE Knec results, and top-performing schools in each county? Visit the Knec KCPE Results Portal to verify timely Knec results.

KCPE results to be released by Tuesday, Magoha says

Education CS George Magoha addressing journalists in Kisumu on March 21, 2022.

Education CS George Magoha has announced that the 2021 KCPE results will be released on Monday, March 28, or Tuesday, March 29.

He said it will all depend on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s diary.

He also noted that marking of the examination is already done and a few formalities were being observed to avoid gaps.

“This exam has gone on extremely well,” Magoha said.

Further, he said that the ministry is in the process of training more teachers on the Competency-based Curriculum (CBC).

“We are going to train a large number of teachers for both Grade 7 and 8 in April this year,” Magoha said.

After the examination release, the pupils will be transiting to Grade 6 from May.

“We are going to follow our road map,” Magoha said.

Teachers Service Commission on Tuesday announced it will train about 60,000 more teachers during the April holidays for the Competency-Based Curriculum.

The trained teachers will be deployed in the junior secondary schools in the country.

In a statement on Tuesday, Macharia said so far, 229, 000 have already been trained in the country.

Further, she noted that she was working with the local leaders as well as the locals in the North Eastern to address the shortage of teachers in the region.

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KNEC Portal – KCSE Exams Results – KCPE Results 2022

How To Confirm KCPE 2022 Registration Status Via SMS ? | kcpe results 2022 top 100 students

The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) 2021 candidates can now check their registration status through an SMS code.KNEC Portal – KCSE Exams Results – KCPE Results 2021

According to the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), “candidates or parents can send the index number and exam to 20076.”KNEC Portal – KCSE Exams Results – KCPE Results 2021

The message that is to be sent should include the index number then followed by the “exam”. For example, if the index number is 201****78, the message on 20076 will be 201****78kcpe. Just like that.

Once the SMS is sent, the sender will immediately receive an SMS confirmation of the index number of the candidates, full names, year of birth and the list of the subjects, meaning the candidate is registered. SMS costs 25 shillings.

The KCPE 2021 is expected to kick off on October 27, 2021, and expected to come to an end on October 29, 2021. Rehearsals are expected to be done on October 26, 2021.KNEC Portal – KCSE Exams Results – KCPE Results 2021

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