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Jinsi Ya Kufungua Fixed Account CRDB (How To Create A Fixed Account CRDB Bank)

Jinsi Ya Kufungua Fixed Account CRDB (How To Create A Fixed Account CRDB Bank), Here You Will Read About riba ya fixed account  crdb, faida za fixed account crdb and Deposit Fixed Account crdb also You will Learn Vigezo/sifa za kufungua Fixed Account CRDB Bank Tanzania and crdb fixed account rate also fixed account interest rates kadhalika umuhimu wa fixed Account.

Jinsi Ya Kufungua Fixed Account CRDB.


It is a time deposit with fixed terms where a certain amount of money is kept in the account for predetermined fixed time (Investment duration ranges from 3 or 6 or 12 or 24 months) and interest rate of up to 5%.

Key Benefits(umuhimu/faida wa/za fixed Account):

  1. Funds are invested in a fixed period
  2. Interest is paid on maturity
  3. Investment duration ranges from  3 or 6 or 12 or 24months
  4. Fixed Deposit receipt is given to a customer as a certificate of deposits which is presented for payment during maturity
  5. It can be renewed as per the customer’s instructions
  6. It can be opened in either TZS, USD, and EURO
  7. Opening balance
  8. Prematurely withdrawal attracts a penalty

Key Features:

  1. A customer knows in advance the interest he/she will earn
  2. A flexible maturity of 3, 6,12, and 24 months enable a customer to choose a suitable investment plan
  3. Risk-free investment with a guaranteed return
  4. Easy to access an overdraft facility in case of need (It can be used as a lien/collateral for loan)
  5. The renewable investment enables customers to maximize his / her interest earning

Requirements / Eligibility (Vigezo Vya Kufungua Fixed Account):

  1. Application letter for account holders (existing customers) OR For customers
  2. Letter of introduction from employer and Identity card
  3. Introduction letter from local government and voter registration card or passport or
  4. A referee holding an account with CRDB Bank and voter registration card or passport
  5. Two passport size photographs with American size
  6. Opening amount
Fixed Account Crdb
Fixed Account Crdb
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