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Dungeon Defenders 2 (DD2) Update 2.18 Patch Notes on PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox

On the PC (Steam), PS4, and Xbox, Dungeon Defenders 2 version 2.18 is currently rolling out. The most recent update to Dungeon Defenders 2 brought a new Halloween Event to the game, according to the game’s official patch notes. Additionally, DD2 patch 2.18 provides a number of stability updates.

There was previously a significant update that gave the game a new hero (The Countess).

However, ever since the previous update, a lot of people had trouble playing the game due to a variety of problems. All these problems will be fixed with the Dungeon Defenders 2 patch 2.18 released today.

Dungeon Defenders 2 (DD2) Update 2.18 Patch Notes

Dungeon Defenders 2 update 2.18 on PC (Steam) and PS4 Download free

October 14, 2022 DD2 Patch 2.18 Notes

Halloween Event
The spooktacular theme is now back to DragonFall with all the spookiness you know and love.

The spooktacular crate contains :

  • New Chaos 10 Shard
  • Festive Carnival Fireworks
  •  Dragonfall Popcorn Machine
  • Trust me Disguise
  • Lucky Bunny Mask
  • Rainbow ‘fro
  • Snow Liger
  • Imperial Grin
  • Hastening Salve
  • Strongman Salve
  • Enduring Salve
  • Spellcasting Salve
  • Tower of Power Salve
  • Enduring Salve
  • Impactful Tower Salve
  • Impactful Hero Salve
  • Lucky Tower Salve
  • Lucky Hero Salve

The upcoming update details

Chaos 10

Chaos 10 is going to take a different direction this time compared to the other chaos tiers. While Assassins will be absent this time around, there will be three new enemies to take on instead of just one. We won’t be going into much detail about chaos 10 for now as it will be explained further at a later date.

Hidden Caverns Region

Along with C10 this next update will be introducing a new region to the game with 2 new maps.

New Map : Crystal Mines

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