Wafungaji Bora Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara 2023/2024 NBC Premier League

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The Tanzania Football Federation oversees the Tanzania Mainland Premier League (Swahili: Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara). When the league was established in 1965, it was given the moniker “National League.” After a while, it was changed to “First Division Soccer League,” then in 1997, it became the “Premier League.”

Wafungaji Bora Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara 2023/2024 Top Scorer 2023

The Tanzanian Premier League (TPL) is a double round-robin tournament with each team playing the other twice, once at home and once away. A tie is worth one point for each side, a win is worth three points, and a loss is worth zero points.

Tazama Msimamo Wa Ligi Kuu Tanzania  Hapa https://allglobalupdates.com/tanzania-vpl/

The Tanzanian Super League (“Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara” in Swahili) is the highest-level professional football league in Tanzania and is administered by the Tanzania Football Association.

1. Feisal Salum Azam Fc – 11 Goals
2. Aziz Ki – Yanga sc – 10 Goals
3. Max Nzengeli – Yanga sc – 8 Goals
4. Jean Baleke – Simba Sc – 8 Goals
5. Waziri Junior – KMC – 7 Goals
6. Prince Dube Azam Fc – 7 Goals
7. Marouf Tchakei – Ihefu – 7 Goals
8. Pacome Ziouzoua – Yanga sc – 6 Goals
9. Mudathiri Yahya – Yanga –6 Goals
10. Adam Adam – Mashujaa FC – 6 Goals
11. Pius Buswita – Namungo FC – 5 Goals
12. Kipre Jr – Azam – 4 Goals
13. Chama – Simba sc – 4 Goals
14. Saido Ntibanzokiza – Simba – 4 Goals
15. Tariq Seif – Geita Gold – 4 Goals

This league was created in 1965, when it was known as the “National League”. Its name was later changed to “Football First Division” and in 1997 it was changed again to “Premier League”. Wafungaji Bora Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara 2022/2023

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It was the most thrilling and dramatic league that many football analysts in Tanzania had ever witnessed, with outstanding performances from numerous Young Africans players who ultimately won the league.

Even if some of the events from the previous season will undoubtedly go down in Tanzanian football history, it is now time to set them aside. Here, we’ll keep you updated on the Wafungaji Bora NBC Tanzania Premier League 2022/2023 Top Scorers for the upcoming season.

Wafungaji Bora Wafungaji Bora NBC Tanzania Premier League All Time

Season Top Scorrer Goals Team Nationality
2008–09 Boniface Ambani 18 Young Africans Kenya
2009–10 Musa Hassan Mgosi 18 Simba Tanzania
2010–11 Mrisho Ngasa 18 Azam Tanzania
2011–12 John Raphael Bocco 19 Azam Tanzania
2012–13 Kipre Tchetche 17 Azam Ivory Coast
2013–14 Amissi Tambwe 19 Simba Burundi
2014–15 Simon Msuva 17 Young Africans Tanzania
2015–16 Amissi Tambwe 21 Young Africans Burundi
2016–17 Simon Msuva 14 Young Africans Tanzania
2017–18 Emmanuel Okwi 20 Simba Uganda
2018–19 Meddie Kagere 23 Simba Rwanda
2019–20 Meddie Kagere 22 Simba Rwanda
2020–21 John Bocco 16 Simba Tanzania
2021-22 George Mpole 17 Geita Gold Tanzania

Some of the most dynamic and productive attackers in East Africa may be found playing in the NBC Premier League. For the 2022/23 NBC Tanzania premier league, forwards like Fiston Mayele, Pape Ousmane Sakho, John Bocco, and Gorge Mpole have recently emerged as some of the best. In numerous respects, the 2022–2023 NBC Premier League has broken records.

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