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Matokeo Mechi Ya Simba Na Yanga Leo May 28, 2022 Matokeo

Mechi Ya Simba Na Yanga
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Matokeo Mechi Ya Simba Na Yanga Leo May 28, 2022 Matokeo Mechi Ya Simba sc vs Yanga , 2022;- in This Post You Will Find Matokeo Mechi Ya Simba Dhidi Ya Yanga Darby Ya Kariakoo, Ligi Kuu NBC Premier League Tanzania Bara Uwanja Wa CCM Kirumba Stadium. Matokeo Yanga vs Simba Mechi Ya leo, Matokeo Yanga leo 28 May 2022. Young Africans vs Simba SC live score, H2H and lineups. Mechi Ya simba na Yanga Leo. 28/05/2022. or 28.05.2022

Matokeo Simba Vs Yanga – Magoli ya simba dhidi ya Yanga 2022

Matokeo Mechi Ya Simba sc vs Yanga May 28

On the 28th of April there will be a NBC premier league match between nbc Tanzania Premier League front liner Yanga Vs Simba. The Yanga Vs simba match will be played at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium at 5:00 PM.

Mechi Ya Simba na Yanga

Matokeo Mechi Ya Simba na Yanga May 28

It should be noted that in the last major league game, Yanga against Simba Sports Club match ended in a goalless draw.

Kikosi cha Simba vs Yanga May 28,2022 Line Up

Aishi Manula
Shomari Kapombe
Mohammed Hussein Zimbwe
Hennock Inonga Baka
Joash Achieng Onyango
Mzamiru Yassin
Pape Osman Sakho
Sadio Kanoute
John Bocco
Kibu Denis
Rally Bwalya

Simba Sports Club

Simba Sports Club is a football club based in Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam Tanzania, Founded in 1936, the club was named Eagles, then to Sunderland. In 1971 they were renamed Simba. Simba SC is one of the two biggest clubs in Tanzania, alongside cross-city rivals Young Africans.


Young Africans Sports Club

Young Africans Sports Club, commonly referred as Yanga, is a football club based in Jangwani, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Founded in 1935, the club play their home games at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium.


Matokeo Mechi Ya Simba sc vs Yanga May 28, 2022

Kikosi cha Yanga vs Simba May 28,2022 Official Line Up

Djigui Diarra (Yanga’s Goalkeeper )
Djuma Shaban
Kibwana Shomari
Dickson Job
Bakari Mwamnyeto
Yannick Bangala
Jesus Moloko
Khalid Aucho
Fiston Mayele
Feisal Salum

Young Africans vs Simba SC live score, H2H and lineups

Yanga is one of the biggest and best performing teams in Tanzania’s leading NBC Premier League . Young african sports Club (yanga) team is leading with 54 points while their rivals simba sc are second only to 41 points.

A complete record of competitive matches played between the two teams, This page lists the head-to-head record of Young Africans vs Simba SC including biggest victories and defeats between the two sides, and H2H stats in all competitions.

The Teams Young Africans and Simba SC last 5 Games up to today. Among them, Young Africans won 2 games ( 2 at National Stadium, 0 at Away Stadium away), Simba won 2 (1 at Away Stadium, 1 at National Stadium away), and drew 1 (1 at National Stadium, 0 at Away Stadium). Matokeo ya Yanga vs Namungo leo 23 April 2022 | Live Updates

Head-to-head records of Young Africans against other teams. Select the opponent from the menu on the left to see the overall record and list of results.

You are on page where you can compare teams Young Africans vs Simba SC before start the match. Here you can easy to compare statistics for both teams.

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Matokeo Simba vs Yanga toka 1965 | All Results

September 24, 2021 1974, JOBS, Matokeo Simba vs Yanga, Matokeo Simba vs Yanga 1967, MATOKEO YA MECHI ZOTE NA LIGI KUU SIMBA NA YANGA, Mechi ambayo Abdallah Kibaden alifunga Hatrick, Mechi hii ilichezwa Uwanja wa CCM Kirumba mjini Mwanza, Mechi ya kihistoria iliyochezwa Uwanja wa Nyamagana mjini Mwanza 1974, Mechi ya Simba 6 Yanga 0 ilikuwa mwaka gani, Mechi ya Simba na Yanga iliyochezwa Sokoine Mbeya, MECHI ZA WATANI WA JADI NJE YA LIGI KUU, Simba 5 – 0

Yanga 2012, Simba kugomea mechi na Yanga 1969, Simba vs Yanga, Simba vs Yanga 1965, Simba vs Yanga 1966, Simba vs Yanga 1970, Simba vs Yanga 1972, Simba vs Yanga 1973, Simba vs Yanga 1974, Simba vs Yanga 1975, Simba vs Yanga 1976, Simba vs Yanga 1977, Simba vs Yanga 1978, Simba vs Yanga 1979, Simba vs Yanga 2015, Simba vs Yanga 2016, Simba vs Yanga 2017, Simba vs Yanga 2018, Simba vs Yanga 2019, Simba vs Yanga 2020, Simba vs Yanga 2021, Simba vs Yanga

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2022, Sports, The match was played at Sokoine Stadium in Mbeya, Wafungaji mechi Simba ikishinda 5 kwa bila, Wafungaji mechi ya Simba ikiifunga Yanga 6 kwa 0, Wafungaji Yanga 4 – 4 Simba 1996, Wafungaji Yanga 5 Simba 0, Yanga vs Simba  1988, Yanga vs Simba  2000, Yanga vs Simba  2010, Yanga vs Simba  2013, Yanga vs Simba 1965, Yanga vs Simba 1966, yanga vs Simba 1967, Yanga vs Simba 1968, Yanga vs SImba 1969, Yanga vs Simba 1971, Yanga vs Simba 1980, Yanga vs Simba

1981, Yanga vs Simba 1982, Yanga vs Simba 1983, Yanga vs Simba 1984, Yanga vs Simba 1985, Yanga vs Simba 1986, Yanga vs Simba 1987, Yanga vs Simba 1989, Yanga vs Simba 1990, Yanga vs Simba 1991, Yanga vs Simba 1992, Yanga vs Simba 1993, Yanga vs Simba 1994, Yanga vs Simba 1995, Ya

nga vs Simba 1996, Yanga vs Simba 1997, Yanga vs Simba 1998, Yanga vs Simba 1999, Yanga vs Simba 2001, Yanga vs Simba 2002, Yanga vs Simba 2003, Yanga vs Simba 2004, Yanga vs Simba 2005, Yanga vs Simba 2006, Yanga vs Simba 2007, Yanga vs Simba 2008, Yanga vs Simba 2009, Yanga vs Simba 2011, Yanga vs Simba 2012, Yanga vs Simba 2014

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