How To See Wi-Fi Password On iPhone?

How To See Wi-Fi Password On iPhone?;- He wanted to connect to my Wi-Fi when my Friend and his family came over to visit us. But since I had been using the password for so long, the issue was that I couldn’t remember it.

The password wasn’t in any of the apparent places on my phone, contrary to what I had expected. I searched online for the saved Wi-Fi password for my phone and was able to uncover a good number of resources.

I was able to gather the strongest arguments and present them in a style that will be simple to comprehend. All of this is possible because of the rigorous study I did, which included looking up forum postings and articles to see what works. How to Fix iPhone Battery Draining Overnight?

How To See Wi-Fi Password On iPhone?

After reading this article in its entirety, you will understand how to locate your iPhone’s Wi-Fi password. Unless your iPhone is running iOS 16, you won’t be able to view your Wi-Fi password on it. If you’re not using iOS 15 or earlier, you can access the router’s admin console or utilize the software provided by your ISP.

Learn how to share your Wi-Fi password with a buddy and some advice on how to configure your Wi-Fi password by reading on.

Is My Wi-Fi Password Visible On My iPhone?

You often won’t be able to view the password for the Wi-Fi network you’re currently connected to on an iPhone, or any other phone for that matter.

The password for the Wi-Fi you’re currently connected to will be visible in iOS 16, which makes things much simpler. DNS iPhone and iPad; How to change the DNS servers

Even if you forget the password, you can now inform a buddy.

With iOS 16: To view your Wi-Fi password.

  • Access Settings.
  • Choose Wi-Fi.
  • Choose the network for which you have entered a password and which you wish to learn it.
  • Select Password.
  • To authenticate, use your passcode or Face ID.
  • You can check what password you have used or share it with a buddy after you have the Wi-Fi password.

Sharing a friend the Wi-Fi password

You won’t be able to see the password if you have iOS 15 or earlier, but that won’t stop you from giving it to a buddy who is trying to join to your Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Password On Iphone
Wi-Fi Password On Iphone

For the nearby sharing to function, you must ensure that your friend is using an iOS device and iOS 11 or later.

To tell a friend your Wi-Fi password:

  • both devices’ Bluetooth should be enabled.
  • Ensure that your contacts have your friend’s Apple ID in them.
  • Holding both of your gadgets side by side
  • Now that you’ve linked your device to the Wi-Fi network, your friend should try doing the same.
  • In the pop-up window that displays, select Share Your Wi-Fi.
  • Next, choose Share Password.
  • Now your friend’s phone can access your Wi-Fi.
  • When prompted, select Done to proceed.
  • If you’re on iOS 15 or earlier, this is the simplest and only way to tell your friend your Wi-Fi password.

On iOS 15 or earlier, how to view the password

There isn’t really a method to view the password for your Wi-Fi in the settings menu if you are on iOS 15 or earlier.

You may view your settings by logging into your Wi-Fi router, which is something else you can do. You may install apps from some internet service providers, like Xfinity and Spectrum, to manage your Wi-Fi.

Additionally, you may use that app to update your Wi-Fi password as well as view what it is. You must use a browser to access your router if your ISP doesn’t have an app.

To do this:

  • Launch a new tab in the web browser on your phone.
  • In the address bar, type and hit Enter.
  • Use the username and password to log in. These login information is printed on a sticker located beneath the router.
  • The password can be found in the Wireless or WLAN area when you log in.
  • You can change the password here if you’d like, but logging out of the admin tool will reveal the password if that’s all you want to know.

Keeping Your WiFi Network Secure

Since it allows any device to access all of the other devices in your network once it connects, your Wi-Fi password is just as crucial as the passwords for your bank accounts and other services.

Making the password as secure as you can will enable you to keep it safe, which is the first step you need to take. I advise you to create a password that is simple to remember but difficult for an outsider to rapidly decipher.

As an illustration, I might shorten a quote from one of my favorite movies by using only the first letters of the words. In order to make it stronger, I’ll also add a few numbers at the end, resulting in a strong password that is difficult to decipher.

Similar to how you would change the password for your internet banking or Netflix, you should update this password at least once every two months.

Wi-Fi Password On Iphone
Wi-Fi Password On Iphone

To keep yourself safe while using your Wi-Fi, avoid sharing your password with strangers. If malevolent individuals gain access to your Wi-Fi, they can manage your phone, computer, and any other smart home appliances you may have.

I saw various websites that advised jailbreaking the phone when searching internet for solutions to this problem. You shouldn’t jailbreak your phone because doing so is against Apple’s terms of service and could void your warranty.

Additionally, jailbreaking is only recommended for experienced users because doing so could put your data at risk. Additionally, you can completely brick your phone, in which case getting it mended will cost more money.

Questions and Answers

How can I use my iPhone to share Wi-Fi?

If both of your iPhones have Bluetooth turned on and you have the other iPhone’s Apple ID saved in your contacts, you can share your Wi-Fi with it.

Accept the alert on your phone and try connecting the other phone to your Wi-Fi.

On my iPhone, how can I see every Wi-Fi network?

Navigate to Wi-Fi in Settings to get a list of all nearby Wi-Fi networks on your iPhone. The Wi-Fi settings will automatically search for nearby Wi-Fi networks when you open them.

On an iPhone running iOS 15, how can I view my Wi-Fi password?

If your iPhone is running iOS 15 or earlier, you cannot view the Wi-Fi password from the settings. You can access the router’s admin tool or the app provided by your ISP.

How can I locate the Wi-Fi password on my iPad?

If iOS 16 is installed on your iPad, you must be able to read your password. You can access your router’s admin tool to discover the password for other iOS versions.