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How Make Money With Your Mobile Phone | SmartPhone?

How Make Money With Your Mobile Phone | SmartPhone? Here is Everything To Know in 2021/2022 Smartphones come with many applications that are already installed or can be downloaded to the smartphone. Every day many more applications are launched on the market and consequently, the possibility of making money with the help of these applications has increased. With the increase in job searches and the unavailability of jobs, there are now many ways that you can earn money from using your smartphone.

Some of these ways include;

  1. Answer survey questions
  2. As a freelancer
  3. Field agent
  4. Online customer service
  5. Virtual assistant
  6. Digital advertising
  7. Playing games
  8. Watch videos, etc.
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These jobs can be performed as a full-time or part-time worker. You can keep your regular job and use these online jobs as a way to earn extra money in your pocket to pay your bills.

Ways to make money with your mobile Phone | smartphone that really work

  • Freelance – This is one of the safest ways to earn money using your smartphone. All you need is a good smartphone and a good internet connection, if you have a laptop it is an added advantage for you. You can get writing jobs online, data entry jobs too. The sites that pay for such jobs are Fiverr,, Peopleperhour, etc. These sites pay very good rewards for your work.
  • Surf the web and watch online videos: A good number of websites and applications pay good money to be on your site, whether it is by watching advertisements, short video clips, etc. Some of these applications are listed below:
  • Swagbucks – This is one of the most popular apps where you can earn money shopping, watching videos, and answering paid surveys. In the end, you can redeem your money through PayPal or through the use of gift cards.
    Fronto – This is another application that allows you to read news articles, product offers, and reviews, as well as view advertisements to earn points. You can also earn bonus points for downloading free apps.
  • Shop – There are smartphone apps that pay you to buy items that are already on your shopping list, ranging from groceries, clothing, perfumes, and toiletries. Here are some popular paid apps to buy:
  • Ibotta: Before you go shopping, you need to complete a few simple tasks in the app, each related to the favorite brands or products that you regularly buy. All you have to do is go to the store, take a photo of your receipt after making payments, and a refund amount is credited to you. You can charge through PayPal.
    Shopkick – This app pays you to spend time in certain stores where you can shop. All you do here is scan barcodes and earn points that you can redeem for gift cards to use at your favorite stores.
  • Sell Items You No Longer Need – We all have things we no longer need and you can sell them on various sites online for cash. All you need to do is take clear pictures of what you need to sell and post them in line with the price tag and your phone number. Below are some notable sites that you can sell your stuff on:
  • Jiji – In this app, you help sellers meet potential buyers. It will capture your product or what you need to sell and put it in various categories already ordered in the app and put your price and phone number for buyers to contact you.
    Poshmark: Like the Jiji app, you take pictures of the clothes you want to sell and post them immediately for sale. Poshmark is also a marketplace where you can buy and sell other things.
    eBay – On eBay, you sign up for an account, post items for sale, and wait for customers to bid. It is very simple, fast, and also easy to use.
  • Play Games: for game lovers, do not stay out, since there are applications that pay very well for you to rest their games and give them feedback. An example of the application that pays to play is:
  • Qriket: In this app, all you do is spin a wheel to earn money. You select colors and spin the wheel. Although it is not a great money-making app, you will surely get a very decent amount.
  • Paid Surveys – One of the best methods to earn money on your smartphone is by completing online surveys. You can use your opinions to make money by visiting survey sites to share your thoughts, which are very valuable to companies who are willing to pay money for them. Examples of such sites and applications are:
  • Opinion space: On this site, you will need to create an account with your email and then start receiving notifications of new available surveys. Then complete and receive payment.
    InboxDollars – There are many ways to make money with InboxDollars such as watching videos, clicking ads, reading emails, shopping online, surfing the internet, and also taking surveys.
  • Download apps and earn: There are apps that give you rewards for downloading and keeping them on your smartphone. Market research companies like to collect data and remain anonymous to study trends. It is better to go only with trusted brands with such applications so as not to be scammed.
  • Virtual assistant: you can work as an assistant to someone who has a lot to do. There are individuals and partner organizations who are looking for virtual assistants and are willing to pay them very well. You don’t need a physical office to do this, from the comfort of your home you can monitor this and work comfortably.
  • Online Tutor: If you are knowledgeable and have the ability to impact your knowledge on others, you can start an online tutoring class that people can access and pay for. It can be in a single or large class option. You can choose a particular topic or course that you are very confident in and influence the knowledge of other people and also earn a reasonable income.
  • Make YouTube videos: YouTube is known to be a good site where you can earn extra money. You can do little plays for fun, online tutoring classes on how to make cakes, tie gels, make a simple dress, etc. and thus earn a good amount of money. All you need is to have a YouTube channel where you can post your videos and get people to subscribe to your channel and get paid. It is a good source of income just from the use of your smartphone.