Fangs Game Update Patch Notes

Release of the PC update for Fangs Game. If you attempt to use an ability that is on Cooldown, the most recent update places a Cooldown UI close to your mouse pointer, according to the official Fangs patch notes.

Prior to this, a significant update introduced additional adjustments, corrections, and gameplay enhancements. Since the release, players have unfortunately been having a number of problems.

Fangs Game Update Patch Notes

The current version of Fangs Game will address some of these problems.

Fangs Game Patch Notes – December 3, 2022

Fixes a bug where players couldn’t select in Hero Select

Fixes a bug where Ethryn’s Shield Charge decal doesn’t line up with her charge direction

Fixes a bug where some Titles were breaking their containers

Updates some Ability Sound Hit Registration to add more clarity for hitting abilities

Adds a Cooldown UI near your mouse pointer if you try to use an ability on Cooldown

Adding player Battle Point Points amount near the other Currencies at the top in Client