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The Best Music Recognition Apps to Accurately Find Songs By Tune

Music Recognition Apps
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The Best Music Recognition Apps to Accurately Find Songs By Tune;- What’s the best music recognition app? We compare Shazam, SoundHound, and Musixmatch and put them to the test.

Best Music Recognition Apps

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1. SoundHound

SoundHound is the best Shazam app for identifying songs. Although the main features are similar, there are some differences that make SoundHound worth a try.

SoundHound has a large orange button at its homepage that allows you to begin tagging, similar to Shazam. SoundHound’s voice control feature is a great benefit. You can search for music, navigate SoundHound, select songs and much more by saying “Hey SoundHound”. Although the company offers a standalone Hound voice assistant, there isn’t much to like it to Siri or Google Assistant.

Music Recognition Apps

Music Recognition Apps

You can tap on a music genre at the top of the app to browse top music or you can use the search bar for artists, songs, and albums. SoundHound’s music player is available when you open a song. You can also play the songs you have featured (or whole songs via Spotify Premium or YouTube) as well as popular tracks on the charts. You can tag songs to buy them, add them to your favorites, view the lyrics or check out the album they came from.

2. Musixmatch

Musixmatch is the latest song identifier application in our collection. To deliver lyrics, this app has been paired up with Spotify. Although the two apps are not connected anymore, Musixmatch, another app that recognizes songs with an emphasis on lyrics, is still available. You can browse the top charts and the most recent releases on the Home tab. You can connect to your Apple Music, Spotify or Amazon Music account on the Music tab to listen to your tracks with your own lyrics. You can also help others by adding lyrics, synching the lyrics with the music or translating the lyrics.

3. Shazam

Shazam was the most downloaded music recognition app in this contest. It has a very simple interface. To start listening to music, simply tap the iconic logo button when it opens.

The Best Music Recognition Apps-Shazam

The My Music panel below contains every song that you have tagged. This gives you access to lots of information about the music. Listen to a sample and share it with friends. You can also open it on Spotify and Apple Music, view a music video, find related music, or search for other tracks by this artist. You can search the top-right search bar to find anything you are looking for. This will take you to the exact same page you would have if Shazam had chosen the song. The app also has a section called Playlists for You that offers music recommendations.


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