how to get more visitors to your website

 Get more visitors to your website

The bad news is that it takes time and effort to get visitors on a website. The good news: these efforts will be added over time.

If you only take a small step every day, place a link here and there, adjust your site, get your hands dirty, give you results and can easily lead to a snowball effect. Getting more visitors will bring you even more visitors that will attract even more visitors as a chain reaction.

But you have to start somewhere. As in business, getting your first million is the most difficult, similarly, getting your first 10,000 visitors is the most difficult.

Therefore, we have created a list that can help you achieve your goals.
Our unique list of attracting more visitors to your new website
You have probably already searched for the term “how to get more visitors” and found countless “definitive guides” and “43 main ideas” and “101 ways that still work in 2018 publications.” With ideas like “Go to public television” and “Interview 5 influential people” and “Create a podcast.”

Well, there may be a reason why you start a blog and not a YouTube channel. You may not want to see yourself on the screen, or your English may not be good enough to do so. If you are in India, Turkey, Morocco or Brazil, most of these tips are quite useless.

We have created a list that focuses on the most effective ways that still work and will gain visibility on your blog or website in the ocean of blogs and websites.

1. Socialize!

This should be the first step right after creating your site. Make it sharable on social networks! There is simply no reason not to. If you are using WordPress, you have many options, see our article of 11 essential WordPress plugins to get some inspiration.

It only takes 5 minutes to download and configure Social Pug, for example, and voila, your site immediately connects to the most basic social networking platforms.

Imagine that your first visitor likes your first post. Can you share it on Facebook? Have you given your 900 friends the opportunity to view, read and share your article? Do not lose this chance!

2. Collect subscribers

Although I think that the importance of having subscribers will diminish in the future (since Gmail has just started filtering the newsletters of people’s inboxes, which is a rather unpleasant move, I mean they have subscribed to get their content and updates and can unsubscribe at any time, so why exclude them from what you have to offer them?), but you should still allow people who like your site to subscribe.

Again, if you are using WordPress, you can download and configure a relevant add-on (such as the Newsletter add-in) in no time. In just 10 minutes, you can have a complete system to subscribe, unsubscribe, send newsletters, view statistics, etc.

It’s great, don’t give it a chance to lose a single person who is interested in what you have to say in the future. Even if they bookmark you, how often do you visit your bookmarks? I think you have it.

3. Advertising

I know it costs money, but in reality there are two good reasons why I recommend you advertise your site (on Google, Bing, Facebook or any other platform).

First, because you can have more visitors, of course. Is it worth paying for visitors this way? I think that unless you run a very serious affiliate site, the answer is no. Each click will cost you between a few cents and a dollar or more, but this money is wasted most of the time.

But! When you run your first advertising campaign, it will light up. As soon as you create your first ads, choose your ad keywords and enter your ad text, you will see why your site will fail and how it could succeed. Is it worth paying, say $ 25- $ 100 for this experience? I really think it’s worth it.

Once you have finished your first advertising campaign, your site will never operate as you had before.

4. Choose your niche and themes wisely

You may think that you have already exceeded this part, but (especially if you have run an advertising campaign and see where your site fails) you can still and must adjust what you have to offer your readers. If you have a small blog about “Car Audio and Multimedia,” you can still adjust it and be more specific, such as “Android Car Stereo Head Units for Audi A6”. If you have a blog about “Recipes”, you can quickly turn it into “Vegetarian Italian Pasta Recipes”. At first, it may seem that you just excluded a large part of your audience, but in reality, you just made your blog more unique.

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