how to drive traffic to your website 2020

1. Accelerate your site

According to recent studies, most people will close their site if it doesn’t load in 3-5 seconds. Especially if you have never visited it before. They may have found an article of yours on Google or one that is shared on Facebook, aroused some interest and clicked on the link, but it is too slow to load. Everyone has a different tolerance level, but you can be sure that every second count and the slower your site loads, the more visitors you lose.

Therefore, try to avoid large images and slow scripts on each page where you expect the majority of your visitors to arrive (for example, your homepage or promoted items).

2. Use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Google has some incredible tools when it comes to analysis and you no longer have to guess the strengths and weaknesses of your site. We have already published a publication about the advantages of these tools and a guide on how to submit your site, be sure to check it out.

But in summary, Google provides excellent statistics and information on every different aspect of your site. You can check your bounce rate, how much time people spend on your site when they visit it, what articles they read, from which countries, how your site appears in searches and exactly what searches, for what keywords you qualify and how you rank.

This information is invaluable and you simply cannot afford not to have it.

3. Use catchy headlines and write posts to the list

As we have already commented, the basic human nature is that everyone is addicted to the main lists and catchy headlines. Every time you write an article, be sure to give it a title that arouses interest. There are a lot of resources on how to do it, but in summary, just make sure your headline is not boring.

Just imagine that your post appears on a Google search results page. Do you want to click on it or click on the other 9 results? Usually, people simply scan quickly and open two or three of what they consider the best option for their search. Even if your publication is your most impressive and 100% relevant success, you will never click on it if the owner does not sell it.

Also, be sure to install the Yoast SEO plug-in and properly edit and design the snippet for your most important articles. This is how your post will be displayed on Google, this small fragment is the “face” of your content and should be good. Otherwise, Google will simply choose any line to represent your post that may be unpredictable.

4. Publish viral content

It is very difficult to know why some content would go viral or not, but you can ask yourself the question: would you share this post if you run into it online? People share many types of things, but they tend to share some articles more than others. If your publication is (or seems to be of) high quality, informative or fun, then you may be willing to share it. And every action is free traffic for you. Not to mention the social proof, as it is shared and commented more and more. So make sure your content is unique and interesting in some way and let people do the work for you.

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