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Who is Sully Wadsworth? What to know about Benjamin Wadsworth’s brother

Sully Wadsworth

Sully Wadsworth, whose real name is Benjamin Wadsworth, is the brother of actor Tom Hanks and his wife, Samantha. He has been married to actress Olivia Wilde for 2 years, but their relationship started when he was only in high school. Read on for more information about this Hollywood star!

Who Is Sully? What To Know About Benjamin Wadsworth’s Brother

Who is Sully Wadsworth?

Sully is the youngest of the Wadsworth brothers, but he’s also the most famous. He’s acted in numerous films and television shows, but he’s best known for his role in The Curse of the Wadsworth Estate.

Sully has modeled for various magazines and brands, including a campaign for Calvin Klein with his brother Benjamin. He also posts regularly on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter.

What do we know about Benjamin Wadsworth’s brother?

  • Sully is the oldest of the three Wadsworth brothers and has a musical theater background.
  • He’s currently a college student at George Mason University, where he studies musical theater as well as business administration.
  • Sully has more than 140K followers on Instagram, where he posts pictures of himself singing and performing onstage.

Does Sully Wadsworth have Instagram?

Does Sully Wadsworth have Instagram? Yes, he does. In fact, it’s not all that hard to find his account. You just have to know what you’re looking for. Sully’s Instagram profile is pretty low-key and doesn’t have many followers—just 627 at the time of writing this article (compared with his brother’s impressive 5 million).

However, if you subscribe and follow @SullyWadsworth on Instagram, you’ll be treated to plenty of adorable photos of the siblings’ little girl and their family life in general:

Sully Wadsworth

Sully Wadsworth

There may be a lot more of the brothers on our screens soon.

Sully Wadsworth is the older brother of Benjamin Wadsworth. While Sully’s character may be fictional, he will be portrayed by actor J.D. Evermore, who has appeared on shows such as Netflix’s Ozark and Netflix’s House of Cards.

As a medical examiner for the FBI, Sully helps solve crimes by examining bodies at crime scenes and determining cause of death. Although he was often an outsider in his younger days, he has become more sociable with age and now enjoys spending time with his family and friends—especially during holidays like Thanksgiving!

The fact that Sully works for the FBI gives fans hope that we’ll see more of him soon: maybe even as early as next season? It seems likely based on how popular Criminal Minds has been over its long run; fans have watched actors leave or start their own spinoffs multiple times over 13 seasons now (and counting). We’ve even seen one spinoff end up back on Criminal Minds! You never know what might happen down there at Quantico…


Sully Wadsworth is just one of many characters on The Good Wife. We’re excited to see more of him in the future, but he might not be the only brother we see on our screens soon!

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