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Tangazo Kuitwa Kwenye Usaili 2023 Jeshi La Zimamoto PDF Download

In This Post You Will Find Tangazo Kuitwa Kwenye Usaili 2023 Jeshi La Zimamoto, Majina Walioitwa Kwnye usaili Dodoma, Names Called For interview, majina ya waliochaguliwa jeshi la zimamoto. Jeshi La Zimamoto Na Uokoaji PDF Document Download Zima moto, Orodha ya Majina ya Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili & List

Kuitwa Kwenye Usaili 2023 Jeshi La Zimamoto PDF Document

United Republic of Tanzania Ministry of Internal Affairs Fire and Rescue Service Called for Interview

The Commissioner General of the Fire and Rescue Service Announces the Following to Attend the Interview That Will Be Held in the Hall of the Dodoma Headquarters on the 18th Until January 22, 2023, Starting at 1:00 AM For Each Group As Shown Below.

Names Called For interview

You must arrive at the interview on the scheduled day and date and not otherwise.

You Should Also Bring Sportswear For Practical Interviews. Interviewees must arrive with original

  • certificates of the fourth form,
  • birth certificate, Jkt certificate, and
  • Nationality ID or National Identification Number (Nida).

All interviewees will be self sufficient for accommodation, food and transportation.

Download PDF Document Here List Of Names Called


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