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Tornado Virginia Beach Video; Properties and Damage

On April 28, 2021, a dangerous TornadoTornado hit Virginia Beach, causing massive destruction. The EF-3 TornadoTornado had a span of 4.5 miles, with a peak of 145 miles per hour and a width of 350 yards. The TornadoTornado crossed Broad Bay and the eastern portion of Bay Island, rooting many trees out of the ground, damaging barracks, and several other constructions in the locality.

In this article, we will provide a detailed account of the destruction caused by the TornadoTornado and the measures taken by the authorities to help the affected people. We will also discuss the Virginia Beach Tornado Path and provide information about the Virginia Beach Tornado Damage, including the residential and public damage.

Tornado Virginia Beach Video

The Tornado Virginia Beach Video shows the extent of the destruction caused by the TornadoTornado. It hit the Great area of Virginia Beach, leading the authority to declare a local emergency. The video footage shows overturned vehicles and boats drowned in the water. However, no death or injury has been reported so far.

Virginia Beach Tornado Path

The Virginia Beach Tornado Path started from the Eastern Branch of Lynnhaven River and finished in Fort Story. The TornadoTornado moved, crossing over First Landing State Park and entering Fort Story as EF-1. It has destroyed the properties of a huge amount, including many homes and public property, estimated to be $731 000 so far.

Virginia Beach Tornado Damage

The Virginia Beach Tornado Damage is irreplaceable, and the city estimates the residential damage worth $15 million. The TornadoTornado damaged almost 115 houses, with the destruction of nine homes and the major destruction of 36 homes. The roof of many homes has been removed, and the construction of many other homes has been destroyed.

The TornadoTornado progressed through River Road Virginia Beach as an EF-1. It also passed by the Great Neck Recreation Centre. The intensity of the TornadoTornado increased to EF-2 while moving to the Chelsea neighborhood.

Properties Damage

The TornadoTornado has destroyed a huge amount of property in Virginia Beach, including residential and public properties. The damaged public properties have been estimated to be $731 000 so far.

Many schools in Virginia Beach, including Cox High School, Great Neck Middle School, and John Dey Elementary School, have been closed down. Some temporary shelters have been opened for residents at the Great Neck Recreation Centre, where the residents can also stay with their pets.


The TornadoTornado in Virginia Beach has caused massive destruction, and the city estimates the residential damage worth $15 million. The public damage has been estimated to be $731,000 to date. The authorities have taken necessary steps to help the people affected by the TornadoTornado.

Many schools have been closed down, and some temporary shelters have been opened for residents. The Virginia Attorney General has also announced a helpline for those who have fallen prey to the price gauging. Other authorities have also assured the victims to seek help when required.

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